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Abnormal cell treatment - reassurance please...

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Hi all,

Ive got my appointment tommorow for abnormal cells in my cervix, ive also gota have my cervix corterised as keep bleeding after u know what. They assure me that its a very simple procedure but im not looking forward to being violated!!!:sigh::cry:
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Aws hun I know the feeling I had to go for scans for a breast lump a few months ago (was all fine) and you do feel rather vulnerable. You just have to remember you'll feel better to have got it over and done with afterwards rather than leaving it be.

Put a bit of money aside and treat yourself to something nice and nonfoody afterwards? I went clothes shopping :)
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yeah good idea x i know i must get it sorted and cant leave it so is good its being sorted, just so horrid : ( glad your lump was ok x x

Mrs V

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Hun....what can I say?!
Its uncomfortable, but will be done before you know it...all you need to do is try and relax, otherwise it makes it more difficult (I know thats easy for me to say!).
I had an abnormal cell result once, had another smear and it was fine, but nonetheless you panic and all sorts of things run through your head.
Just let the Consultants do their job and then if needed things can be addressed.
My thoughts are with you Hun.

Take care



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Good luck! Much better to have the treatment now then when's its too late and becomes even more invasive. Just lie back, relax and think of England. To Dr's and nurses, they have seen it all before, day in, day out, so there is nothing to be shy about. They don't even look at it in terms of your private parts, they look at it as somthing that needs treating, so don't worry too much.
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Don't think of it as being violated hun...this is something positive. Think of it that way. It's about making sure you are healthy and your body is okay.

It's all good *hugs*
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ahhhh thanx everyone x x yeah your right it is a positive thing to get it sorted thankyou. The situation has just got a bit more complicated though!! Last night was the last night me n hubby could do anything in the bedroom for 5-6 weeks after this treatment, so was gonna be a special night but had bit of an accident with the contraception!!! im not on the pill, today of alllll days i could of done with out this!! but.... me n hubby did plan on having babies next year sometime but when everything was clear downstairs!! ohhh god, was gonna get the morning after pill, but really dont want to, ill chat with the docs this afternoon when i go 4 my treatment and see what he says. im sure it will be fine but timing!!! arrrg!!!
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lol! What timing! I'm sure you'll be ok...what are the chances?! x
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hi all - good news (sort of) went to have my treatment and have decided against it as im still borderline abnormalites and the other problem is starting to heal itslef anyway so thats good news!! got to go back in april for another check up!! as for the "accident" me n hubby have decided, bugger it, lets leave it chance, if i get pregnant i get pregnant, i would be over the moon x keep u posted on that one!! lol x x

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