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About other people and little devils.......

I'm really on the go loosing my weight. I should be very happy and i am but sometimes my happiness and willpower are tempted by the comments of others. I'm loaded with compliments at the moment but there also people trying very hard to get me start eating again.
"You will gain very fast after this diet so you better stop and eat anyway". I'm half way down and when i say i have to loose the other half i get comments about getting to thin then. "The wind will blow you away". Part of me laughs at this but the devil on my shoulder sometimes tries to give in to the comments. I makes it harder for me to follow the diet and my mind is constantly filled with food. I dream about fries and burgers and it seems that only these thoughts make me hungry. I'm struggling more and more but i won't give up. Yesterday i talked about it with my loveley HB and he told me to focus on being thin. "Think about how sad and unhappy you were 9 weeks ago and look at the change in you. Be proud of yourself, what you do is amazing and don't let other people destroy this". He is totally right because CD changed my life so far and it will only get better and better. He also understands my struggle with wanting to eat but on the other hand he tells me to look further. In a couple of months i will be at goal and then i can have my fries and burger now and then. It's not that i'm never allowed to eat again, it's only for a short period.

These are some things i trie to remember when that little devil pops up again. It won't defeat me because i'm stronger than that. I don't wanna be fat and unhappy. I only wanna be myself and i will reach that goal no matter what!

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Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
S: 16st1lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 3st11lb(23.56%)
Hi Botozi

There will always be people who will say things like this to you (I also experienced this earlier on in my journey), and there will be all sorts of reasons why they say these things - a little jealous of your success perhaps?, no longer the 'fat friend' - taking them out of their comfort zone and making them think about there own weight issues, or sometimes comments said without even thinking. Whatever they say to you just smile and give a non commital answer like 'thanks' or 'I know' - and then put there unhelpful comments out of your mind.

Whatever their reason don't let them sabotage how well you have done and the positivity you feel about it. In a few weeks time you will be at your goal and will feel even happier and stronger for sticking with it. (Take a few minutes to think how you would feel if you took another route and decided to let those peoples' comments make you fall off the wagon - back to square one because of a few 'friends')

Your husband sounds absolutely lovely - keep listening to him, not the comments of friends and the devil on your shoulder!

Be strong!!! - Stick with it!!



100% all the way!
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Yeh I agree with Lil K, I think that they are jealous that you have the willpower to do this diet and that your going to look better than them at the end of it.

At the end of the day, do it for yourself and don't listen to what other people say. I think you will find out who your true friends are.

You'll feel so much better when your done x x x
Asolutely....the worst person I know who is down on this diet is a size 32 - she tells me that I am unhealthy for doing it and I will put more on because I am only loosing water....hmmmmm issues methinks!
OMG Amanda, how much water does she think a body can hold? lol

Just take no notice, I had the same comments all the time. I just smiled and nodded, and carried on. In fact, after my first week when I lost 11.5lbs my mother said I think you've lost enough now WTF??
I owuldn't mind so much but I am only a size 14 to start wtih.. I just cant get over her telling me that I am unhealthy!!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I know exactly how you feel, I had an actual fight with one of my mum's friends the other day as I said I wanted to be 9 stone something, she kept saying "that's ridiculous, it's too much weight for YOU to lose" and kept saying it was a healthy weight for my height and people lose that much weight all the time, and she actually said to me that she didn't care what I said, I shouted well I don't care what you say, it's nothing to do with you. Haven't spoken to her since, mind you not that bothered, It wasn't 6 months ago she was telling me my legs were enourmous, You just can't win with some people.

I reckon there is enough support on here to get us all through, so lets not give a toss what anyone else thinks! :D

Absolutely listen to your OH he sounds a lovely man, understanding and supportive. You're doing excellent, just carry on with what you're doing!
Well done for the fantastic loss so far!

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