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About to eat

I'm sitting here and stew is cooking and all i want to do is go out there and take out a carrot and eat it. would it kill me that much lol. I should be passed this now. It's into the second week. Last time i never wanted to eat. Now all i can think of is eating a carrot slice
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Seriously, you know you don't *really* want to :)

You can do it, go into another room, go for a 5 minute walk round the garden or something. Have a glass of water, lol.

I'm sitting here trying to ignore it. the mother comes out of the kitchen and says "bit of stew kate", NO i says. "ya sure now", shes as thick lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Throw the stew at her!!

Dont do it!!! you know it isnt worth it!!!


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be strong. ..you can do it. x
Ye are going to kill me. LOL. I ate a slice of carrot.
Aghh well nevermind. But thats it..NO MOre...lmao xxxxxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
tut tut!!!

Carrots arent even allowed in the first few days of refeed
That i know, i said it while eating it that this should be something green. I dont even LIKE carrots
Step away from the carrots.......the lipotrim team are here to confiscate them........:eek:
LOL. i will. The dog has eaten the rest of it. Makes mme want to eat the dog


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What are you playing at?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was it seriously worth eating that slice of carrot?
I doubt very much it was!

Consider your wrists well and truly slapped!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Yup at the end of the day this is meant to be a Total food replacement...

You wanted a carrot... You let yourself have it...

What will be next???
I dont mean to be funny but i have done it yes, and i know perfectly well its TFR, and maybe i should have kept my mouth shut and not admit to it. I got that from your previous message. No need to rub it in further


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We are not rubbing it in we are merely telling you what you need to hear. If you didnt want to hear it maybe you shouldnt of posted the thread.

Some people on hear have strong feelings about things like this. Ok so it was a bit of carrot but like chelly said ... whats next?

Dont take what people say the wrong way. It's all encouragement to stop you from doing it again.
It was not referred to you. I appreciate what you said. But to get it twice from one there was no need.


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But its peoples opinions honey. You should expect people to stick there ore in once, twice maybe three times as people reply to threads left right and centre. I know i do it.

Maybe next time dont post something like this if you are going to get a little upset about it.



I will be skinny again!!!
Ok Sorry I offended you withmy opinion!

I wont reply to your threads so it wont happen again...

Didnt mean to cause any problems

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