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Absoloutly gutted and confused.

Im now target plus 2.5.
Now, this isnt so much my problem, iv been here before i just get it straight back off..
I really really ****ing tried.
I spent SO much money on food.
I was SO good.
I just don't understand.
When i gain, its because iv been naughy, I know that.
When i gain when iv been 100% good and cannot find fault in any of my food diarys, thats when i don't get it.
So it may be half a pound, any other time i'd be like, whatever.. its half a pound.. but i was so good.. i was honestly, hand on heart expecting a 2-3lb loss.

i changed my HEB's as suggested before, i upt my portion sizes.. and i really enjoyed being 100% back on track.. BUT i cannot justify this?

:cry:I'm really upset, after everything i have going on right now, i was so proud of myself for being on track and taking the plunge to drop below my target weight for xmas.

Here was what i ate:

(You will notice in general my syns are low dailey, but please bare in mind i have a takeaway and dessert on a wednesday night, so i kept them low)

2alpen lights HEB and 2 mullers with an orange.

lunch was half a casserole dish worth of a pasta bake, made with pasta bows, passata, peppers, mushrooms, onions and tuna topped with 28g, (weighed) cheese. HEA

Tea was Lamb shank in mint gravey (1 syn) with mash potatoe made with 1 syns worth of butter. and carrots

I had a hot chocolate (2syns) a small fun size bag of choc buttons (4 syns)





cooked breafast. 1 Morrisons eat smart pork sausage, bacon, 2 eggs, 2 slices of 400g loaf HEB, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and baked beans. 1 shape yoghurt.

Lamb shank in gravey (1syn) with loads of cabbage, brocolie and carrots.


Hommade burgers made with extra lean mince, topped with 28g cheese HEA, and bacon.
Homemade pot wedges with shwartz southern fried seasoning mix (1syn) Home made chunky red pepper salsa from magazine and lots of salad.

i nicked a square of choc from a bar that i counted for 1.5syn. and i also ahd a Fox's vieneese biscuit. 4.5syns

8syns for the day



porridge oats (28g) made with water and sweetener HEB.
a large apple and a mullerlight.

tomato and herb pasta sauce, with added onions and mushrooms and chopped up ham topped with 28g cheese HEA

another apple
Shwartz sausage casserole made with shwartz packet (2syns) made with morrisons eat smart pork sausages, peppers, onions and mushrooms with homemade frylight roast potatoes.

some cake



2alpen light barsHEB 2 mullerlights and an orange

Homemade meatballs made with extra lean mince, in passata, mushrooms, peppers and onions with pasta topped with 28g cheese HEA


Chicken, wrapped in bacon, eatsmart pork sausages in bacon, cabbage, brocolie, carrots, parsnips, roast potatoes and gravey (2syns)



28g Porridge oats HEB topped with honey (1syn) sweetner and with a mullerlight and an orange.

homemade burgers with extra lean mince, topped with cheese HEA. Homemade wedges with shwartz southern fried seasoning (1syn) homemade red pepper salsa from mag and lots of salad.

extra lean homemade meatballs in passata, fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers and mushrooms with pasta.

hot chocolate with cinnomon. 2syns



2alpen lights HEB, 2 mullerlights and an orange.

3 morrisons eat smart pork sausages with lots of mash made with vlf natural yoghurt, carrots, parsnips and gravey (1.5syns)

Tomatoe and herb pasta and sauce with added onions and mushrooms topped with 28g chedder cheese HEA

2x hot cho with chinnomon = 4syns

5.5 syns

and then i weigh in on wedmesday eves.

I had porridge oats for breaky with sweetner and an orange,
and a tom and herb pasta sauce with cheese for lunch (12pm)and i weighed in at 6:30.

i eat mullerlights as snacks and i drink plenty of water.

can any one apart from the fact i'm supposed to eat a scan bran with the porridge oats that i havnt ever had and its never affected me before- anything that could indicate my gain..

at the end of the day, even if it was my lunch that showed that half lb, .. that would still mean i wouldnt ahve lost any this week, and i couldnt understand that either.

Please :cry:I feel really flippin stupid. How can i ahve been doing sw for so long, be at target and not be able to lose weight when i actually try.

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Nojo on the YoYo
baaaaaaabe :-(

You've been off plan and kinda half on recently, right? What would you say to someone slim, who eats generally ok-ish, who wants to rejoin SW after a little bit of a gain? You would say 'It might take your body a little while to get used to it and you might see a gain initially but when your body adapts you will start to lose as SW starts to work'

You're a target member and you're amazing! remember that!

Also, the other week, I had a little bit of a CBA week, nothing excessive, maybe had the equivalent of about 20 extra syns that I shouldn't have, a little piece of chocolate here and a packet of crisps there, and gained 2 whole big fat pounds.

LAST week I went to a buffet restaurant and lost 1/2 a pound, the week before I went to a buffet restaurant, had a christening at which i ate vol au vents and sausage rolls and egg butties on white bread, and only gained 1.5lbs.

Your body will do what it wants sometimes regardless of what you put into it. Give yourself a couple of weeks to settle back into your 100% Sw plan and you will be fine, I know it! xxx
Last week i stayed the same.. i was 110% on plan after eating a dominoes wednesday night after weigh in, so was happy to sts.. and thought that with the added goodness of last week and all this goodness this week?

i know i sound like a spoilt brat but, its just so unfair. :(
I know there are plenty of people who would love to be at target right now, and im not out of that +/-3lbs YET.
but god, i really bloomin tried and its really knocked my confidence in knowing the plan if you get me?



Nojo on the YoYo
Time will be your saviour Fern, I know you feel fedup right now but I'm starting this week afresh knowing that I still have some catching up to do, I had a lousy month, gaining and losing - I lost 7 and a half pounds. I GAINED 4. I suck. But I will be better this month. And so will you.
:cry:I am mad to the point where im gunna be working as hard a sposs to get it off because i need to prove to myself i can do this and i DO know sw .. but i really cant shift this feeling :cry:


Nojo on the YoYo
I know what you mean. This lst few weeks I've had the same feeling and it coincided with my over zealous efforts, falling off spectacularly, and gaining and losing weirdly.

Last night my consultant actually said to me that I put too much pressure on myself, and if I put that pressure on myself I will automatically rebel. It makes sense, like, if my dad would make a comment or tell me to lose weight i would be all mentally 'I'll show you!' and 23 stone later i was in big trouble!

I still revert to being that little rebellious girl whenever my dad makes a comment now, so when she said that I could be doing that to MYSELF kinda shocked me into chilling out a bit. You know it works, don't fall of and eat more bad food, no more Dominoes, no more Chinese, give it a couple of weeks before your next treat and i am sure there will be a much happier Fern.

Is there anything you could do today that doesn't revolve around thinking of food? Do you have a friend who you could go for a stomp through the park with? Go to the cinema with? Pop to New Look for a new size 10 pair of jeans to remind you how amazing you are with?
You are doing REALLY well and I look forward to the day when I may be on target.

It's just another comment to add to the mix; and as I'm relatively new here I could be off the mark anyway; but it looks like a lot of your days are EE? with the Meat and Potatoes. Do you think it may work better on just Green or just Red for a while, as I know some people have found that EE doesn't work quite as well for them. Maybe worth a shakeup.

But like the previous posts mentioned, it can also take time to get back in to it, with a gain at the beginning again.

Keep plodding along, and you will get there.

Do you know Fern, I have done SW for years (maybe 15 odd), on and off and I have found there is no rhyme nor reason to weight loss with it. Some weeks you can be an absolute angel and lose a very small amount or even not lose any at all and other weeks you can be a real food devil and lose a huge amount.......how does that work???
The fact is, keep to the plan and it works. You know that....you have done so well on it!
I personally think that when we have good weeks and bad weeks it confuses our bodies and it kinda gets outa sync and the only true way to have near consisant losses is to be good all the time, and we all know thats just not possible.
So there will be ups and downs, especially, I think, while you are trying to maintain. Another good week from you and I bet you will lose.
Fern i just want to put in perspective.........Overall you have had an AMAZING weight loss and you are well on top of your game.

Repeat after me....I have LOST an amazing 63LB and despite a 2.5LB gain this week i have done incredible and i will NOT let 2.5LB make me feel like this!!!

Hugs xx


I will succeed!!!
Awww hun I know this pain...I posted earlier cause I felt like poo about something similar.

You're amazing - first of all! You're an inspriation to so many people on here and have done SO WELL!

You know this plan inside out and know you can get this back. I know it's frustrating though hun...so hugs to you xxxx
Thanks guys, i really appriciate all of you taking the time to reply to me :)

Im taking it all on board.. my sister is coming round with babba today :) and i have lots of money related things to sort, and then i have work this evening.

So no more pressure.. i wanna be slim, but i want to be happy.. and im certainly not both right now.. so i chose to be happy, and if im happy and relax, slimdome should follow.

Hi Fern,

I know how you feel! I have been 100 per cent on plan the whole time since I got to target, and this week I weighed in 4lbs over target - gutted!!!

So I have just had 3 days this week of having superfree brekkie and lunch, followed by a Red dinner. And according to my daily weigh-in (I know!!!), 2 and a half pounds have disappeared - phew!

Sometimes for me sticking to the plan is not enough. I have to have a bit less Green and EE, and a bit more Red and superfree.

This maintaining is hard work, eh?

Yeah, i think maintaining your EXACT t. weight is v difficult yes, so iv been dealing with it by gainly and loosing the same 2lbs ish, one week on, one week off.. it means i am more flexbile but keep my wieght off too.. this week i decided to go for it and lose 7lbs for xmas as i have alot on in those 4 weeks and will be difficult to stay on track, so wanted half a stone leway. so i'd be target minus 5,

im still shocked. but there is nothing i can do, just use the week ahead of me wisly! x
Bare in mind i'm a lil heavier than you and could still stand to lose a few pounds.. (although i like being a curvy 10 myself) so in theory it shouldnt be THAT difficult with a bit of hard work.. (dunno what happened to that theory this week though!) lol xx
Fern, I do know how you feel. Look at my stats. I am getting so depressed as the weight is just ot shifting despite being 100%. In fact this week I'm beginning to wonder how I ever thought it would work when I'm consuming more calories than I did to put it on!!! But I keep telling myself it works for others, so why not me? One day.

Thank you hun.. xxx

I feel really silly now, its only a few pounds.. i am slim and happy.. thinking i just put too much pressure on myself...

Thank you for all your advise and support! xxx

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