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absolutely gutted!!!

My scales were getting old so this morning I bought a shiney new set.Had to step on them as only way to make sure they were working.They tell me I am 13pound heavier than my last weigh on Sunday.I know I stood on them later in the day than I usually weigh but that is one heck of a differnce.I don't know now how much I started at or if I have lost the same amount of weight but was 13pound heavier when I started. I feel like I'm back to square one!!!:cry:
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Try again tomorrow morning. Do you go to class? Even if you were to weigh at home, it's the SW scale reading that's relevant.


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I had a similar experience! :eek: Weigh yourself again in the morning and use both sets of scales to see if they're weighing the same. I ended up taking the new ones back! ;) Like you, I do SW online and come here for support.


Is a crunchy mama!
S: 13st13lb G: 9st9lb
It could be that because your other scales were so old, they're no longer accurate?
I dont know-thats what Imean -I dont know if I was bigger then I thought or havent lost as much as I thought. I haven't put on 13lb since Sunday though.


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At the end of the day the numbers are just numbers, you know that according to your old scales you've lost a stone - well that is still the case, so well done! The only difference now is that the numbers have changed, the fact that you've lost the weight hasn't changed and you should still be dead proud!

It's annoying, very much so, but try not to get too hung up on what the numbers say, as long as they're moving down that's all that matters! Chin up hun x x


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it is annoying i was 'healthy eating' before sw and weighing myself everye on tesco scales i was only losing 0.5-1lb a week but after 2 months decided join sw and scale shown i was 9lb heavier..but i had still lost... i was just heavier than i thought


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This thread is kinds hurting my brain!!
So the new scales show 13lb heavier than the old scales but you haven't gained any weight on the old scales?
So you defo haven't gained its just that your new scales weigh differently as most scales do!
Unfortunately you could go on 5 different sets of scales one after the other and get different readings hun.
Start with your new ones, what you have lost is definately lost x x x
thanks girls just have to do what I tell others when they gain and Draw a aline under it. I know I've lost the weight I must have been even bigger than I thought.Weighed again this morning. 2lb lighter on new scales and old. My awards have kindly disappeared from my signature so I think someone is trying to tell me somethingalthough I have lost the weight. Feel even better now.


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Why don't you add 13 lbs to your starting weight, that way it won't feel like you've lost nothing. You could try a friend's scales, see if they're nearer the new ones. If they're not, take the new ones back!


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Why don't you go and weigh at Boots so that you have an accurate weight and then compare with your old and new scales so you know which are correct. If the new one is out take them back. Either way you have lost weight and I wouldn't worry too much. As others have said it's just a number.
Well done on your weight loss!

Care Bear xxx

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My scales tell me im a different weight dependant upon which room of the house i use them in!! I weigh 2 lbs heavier in the bathroom than I do in the dining room - needless to say they are a permenant fixture in the dining room now! :D
Its true tho, home scales are never as good as the more high tech ones at class, but as an alternative, Id go to Boots to get an acurate reading as a starting point, then just compare the difference on your home scales and count down from there!At least with the acurate reading you'll know exactly how much you do weigh, then even though your home scales say you weigh more, you can just watch the numbers going down rather than an actual reading of your weight.... just read this back to myself and not sure it makes sense! but i hope you kinda understand what im trying to say!
Its true that the weight youve lost has definately come off and youve done sooooooo well, so dont let it get you down, you should be super proud of yourself!

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