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adaptive child? *FOODTALK*

I was away buying stuff with my boss today and the suppliers took us out for lunch! I said I would just have a coffee using the excuse that I was going out for a big meal tonight. Well my boss made a big deal out of it because the suppliers were taking us out for lunch and said I'd have to eat something. Anyway I was hoping there would be salad that I could push around the plate. There wasn't so I ended up getting 2 slices of roast turkey (no gravy) and a spoon of veg (peas and sweetcorn) I ate the turkey and a couple of mouthfuls of the veg then pushed the rest around the plate. I hate that I had to be an adaptive child to my boss and do what she wanted without taking a stand. Do you think I will have stopped ketosis and should I skip a pack to make up for that "meal"?
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Difficult situation for you sandra. It sounds as though you made the best decision you could, eating the protein.
It probably hasn't made a difference.
I would suggest you just carry on as you would normally.
It would be good to discuss with your LL group and have a plan ready if it happens again.
Main thing is, don't beat yourself up. Look forward.​
It's hard when it's your boss - some can be unreasonable and it's hard to deal with them. What do you think would happen if you said no?

It would be easy for me to say stand up to them, but if it would make work uncomfortable for you / you weren't able to do that, then it's not for me to say.

Do you think it would be worth saying something like you are on a medically prescribed diet and the doctor will not allow you to eat anything that is not prescribed - it's a little white lie, but most people won't argue with what a doctor says.

I think you'll be fine, I don't think you'll go out of Ketosis. If it were me I'd prob miss a pack, as you've had some food and veg (so some vitamins) but I'm not an expert.

Just start afresh tomorrow and go back to 100% abstinance again. You'll be fine x
I can't discuss it at LL meeting because someone I work with is in my meeting! I know it all stays in the meeting but mentioning the boss is not ideal! I think if I had said no it would have made things very uncomfortable especially because she was driving and we had to share an hour long drive back home!

Just really annoyed with myself I guess, gonna skip a pack I think
Oh and the reason I didnt mention the diet was because another girl in work lost loads on weight on LL (my inspiration and my colleagues) and the boss knew about it and really did not approve and said stuff like she looked pale and unhealthy etc and people should be happy with how they look (she is tall skinny and blonde!)
Hi Sandrat, what a shame to be forced into a situation you were uncomforatble in. Dont worry though, you won't be out of ketosis becauase lighter life lite is 3 packs and 1 meal per day, the meal is protein and vegetables, which you had, and you are in ketosis throughout ligher life lite just like with LL.

You made the right choice with veg and protein, you probably had less carbs than having a pack so wont have done much damage.

Can you speak with your councillor privately? Just to check?

thanks everyone, think i am so annoyed because for once i didnt actually want to eat but had to!
That shows how motivated you are in that you didn't see it as an opportunity to eat and have what you want because you had an excuse in that you had to because your boss made you!

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