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added inspiration!


S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
so i havent been doing well at all this week and i know that by tuesday weigh in im going to a lot heavier than i was last week :( but... feeling totally defeated i was looking through the minimins blog section and saw that some1 had posted the address for my virtual makeover... so out of curiousity i had a look and entered in my measurements, the dress me section completely disapeared as it said that there were no clothes available in my size :(.. so i typed in the weight i want to be by the end of my journey and every section had clothes that would fit me... this got me thinking about how much choice i would have if i ever got there.. im 21 now and ive never bought anything out of shops like topshop or river island as nothing would ever fit me... but seeing me (well, a virtual model of me :p) when i reach my goal just gave me so much more hope, i even started looking at the websites picking out imaginary outfits for myself lol
it really does show me that i realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want this so bad!
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How do you do a virtual makeover thingy.
Ruthy xxx


S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My Virtual Model then click try it now, and i think personalise body.. you can change all the meaurements to see ur start and finish or the change. :D
Hi Missy,

You need to give yourself a good talking to.....

Everytime I go into the stores I am so dissapointed at the clothes I can't get into.... My daughters are teens now and dress beautifully < I was always fat> I think now.. well Ok I am still as size 20 <though the clothes are very lose on me - 22's didn't fit me 8 weeks ago) BUT soon I will be in size 18's and then 16's etc etc.....

You say"If you ever got there" Why can you not get there?

If you want it enough then you CAN do it, anyone of us can!!!! It is just that initially it is such a daunting task!!!!

Look back 8 weeks and see how time has flown...... now look forward 8 weeks...... in a blink of an eye you can be so much slimmer..... even at 2lb a week <which is very achievable> you can be over a stone lighter...

You need to really get your head straight.....
<I am a life coach as well as a hypnotherapist and have spoken to many people over the last few years who feel that they are stuck in a rut - but please believe it is possible...... Maybe it would benefit you to go and see a life coach you will have one near you.... you can also have life coach advice over the phone ....

Don't usually say this stuff. But you sound so down and you really need to get yourself into a positive place.....

Good luck.....

Anne xx


S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanx for ur reply, i think i am living with a type of hope but not entirely sure how i'll get there, and i know that the other people in my slimming world class are achieving.. im sure i will but i cant imagine being in tht possition. I have always failed in the past, but i really dont want to this time.. and i already have this past week.
You can do it Missy.......

Remember the saying, "If you keep doing what you always done, you'll always get what you've always got!" By changing your habits with SW you will change your habits for life and you will be slim before you realise.... Just keep coming here for help...
You can do it!!!!!!

Anne x


S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
aw that makes sense.. thanx so much 4 ur help xx:)

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