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adivce please, r.s.p,c,a


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hi, wonder if i cfould ask for some advice, one of our neighbours has gone away, now for a month, he's left 2 dogs, in pens in garden, and avery .Someone comes into feed, but, the dogs arn't getting any exercise, and they're barking most of the day. The owner and his family have been spoken to by other neighbours who, say, he'll be back in a couple of weeks, i think he should be reported,but, unsure how to go about, as don't want to give my name and address, yet, i think something should be done. Can i ask what you would do, i feel so sorry for the animals, and hate to think of them in distress. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read.
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Yes, you can report anonymously to the RSPCA, I'd do it as dogs need at least 2 walks a day and regular company, someone coming to feed them is not enough.
I'd report them too. Even if they'd arranged for 'that' friend to walk them as well as feed (& he just did 1/2 a job) it'd still be the owners responsibility - neglect. Also, even guard dogs need company, grooming & cuddles.
Tbh, I'm not sure what the RSPCA will actually do. If the dogs aren't in any immediate danger then chances are they won't have the room for them anyway. I'm not saying don't call them, do it if it gives you peace of mind - just don't be surprised if they don't take any action. If the dogs have shelter, food & access to water at all times then it's not a priority case.

I saw a man abuse a dog in front of me & I reported him, gave the RSPCA his address, the lot & they did absolutely nothing about it! This man LITERALLY threw his dog to the other side of his van & told me he'd beat the crap out of it later for running away. :(
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You really ought to report it, it's so unfair on the dogs. It's very cold outside at nights apart from anything else. Animal cruelty really winds me up.
It's better to report it and let the professionals assess the situation, than leave it and regret it if something bad happens to the dogs.

The rspca won't think you're wasting their time if there's a reason for calling them out- which their clearly is.


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I agree, you'll feel better if you give them a call, and hopefully they will be able to do something for the poor things. Alternatively, would the Environmental Health Dept of your Local Council be able to help, ours has an animal welfare team and they are great, couldn't of been more helpful when we found a stray puppy last year (thankfully my story had a good ending and he was back with his distraught owners in less than 24 hours).
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To be honest although you could still report it, I don't think the RSPCA would take it any further. They may send officers around to have a quick look, but believe it or not, the mere fact he has kennelled them and has someone calling on them to feed them is actually a lot more responsible than what some owners are.

You can only imagine some of the situations they have to attend and sights they witness:mad:
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Defo report it! I own dogs and wouldn't dream of leaving them outside for two weeks in a confined space! This makes them aggressive and frustrated plus a nuisance to neighbors barking etc! Just drop RSPCA a quick call and let them know and think nothing more of it! Your only being helpful at the end of the day!
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it all depends, are they usually in there so it's normal to them?
are you watching them 24/7 so you know for certain that no one walks them or lets them out for a bit while you're out at work etc?
how big is this "pen"? do they have room to walk about in it?

it's no worse than some of these kennels that you put your pets into while you jet off to barbados for a fortnight..
If your gut is telling you to call them then call, if nothing else, speaking to someone might out your mind at ease. If they come out, they may find that there is cause for concern, they may not find anything wrong. Again it will put your mind at ease.
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I would report them in a heartbeat.

There are new laws regarding animal rights and these even take into consideration the size of the pen the animals are in.

I would insist and I mean insist that someone checks out what is happening.

Do they have kennels ???

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