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Advice appreciated about trip to China

My mother and I have just booked a bit of a last minute trip to China (my dad works out there and was meant to come visit us but couldn't, hence the last minute trip). We should be leaving on the 25th for about 10 days.

If i'd had more warning about the trip I would have slowly started to work up the plans so food wasn't too big a shock to the system but now it looks like we'll only have 2 full weeks before hand. I have been doing SS+ this week so should I go up to 810 for 1 week then 1000 for another or would 2 weeks on 810 be enough?

Alternatively, has anyone actually taken their sachets abroad? I'm not sure what the rules are about this when coming into China (although I know my mum has managed to sneak a few of his favourite foods over there in the suitcase so may not be too much trouble!)

I'm thinking that it's going to be a nightmare to eat low-carb over there judging from my other trips over there but at least there's a gym in my dads apartment block so I can try to minimise the damage!
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Stubborn tortoise
Don't know about China honey, but I looked into taking sachets to Australia at the end of last year, as I will be working over there for 3 weeks in May. It's DEFFY not allowed for Aus, with mentions of all kinds of dire threats and mentions of sniffer dogs etc... eek! So I have opted to work up the plans by end of April even if I am not yet at target.

I think going to 810 and then trying to eat a very carb-lite diet while you are there might be your best option, unless someone wise knows if you can take sachets to China?

Just a thought... my niece lives there & I do send parcels over with hot choc & green & blacks in for her. They always arrive OK. So why not send sachets & bars in a box to your dad's address? That would work, if you post it now!

Last time I tried to post something over there it took 4 weeks so I don't think i'll be chancing that!


Stubborn tortoise
My parcels take about two weeks by air mail, sure you are not sending yours by surface mail? That takes forever... think they send them by camel, via Outer Mongolia! You can also get a 'signed for' thing from post office for speed & safety. I'd say it's worth £8 or whatever to stick to the diet... but it's up to you.
It's not the time it actually takes to get to China it's the time they take to process it there. My dad splits his time between 2 different cities out there with apartments in 2 different complexes. His company (who owns the flats) wont accept direct mail to the flats but it has to be sent to a main company office and then sent on from there. I don't know whether they have to check them out first or what. It's a royal pain in the bum! The amount of cards/parcels that have been lost somewhere along the lines is ridiculous!
In relation to visiting Australia, I am an Australian living in the UK with a lot to lose and made sure I could continue when I returned in December.

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It doesn't have a find a counsellor on the website but you can call them. The only issue I guess would be the medical form thing.

Don't worry, Australia is just absolutely nuts about its border control. The amount of time I have stood in line to show them my backpack because I have bought wooden stuff. A suggestion that I have to get through quickly is to buy a sealed box of chocolates. They won't worry about them if you are coming from the UK but you will have to declare them. It's often quicker than standing in the Nothing to Declare line...