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Advice: Bachelors Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

Hey, I am just making up a diet plan and menu for when I get back from holiday and I was just wondering is Bachelors Chicken and mushroom pasta ok for a main meal? With salad. Because I read its free in slimming world or something, and total calories are 444? Any advice would be great.

Thank you xx
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The good thing about calorie counting is that you can have what you want as long as it's in your calorie allowance. (within reason of course, it's not a good idea to have a 1200 calorie chocolate cake as your only food for the day!) That sounds like a good idea, but remember the calories on the packet will probably be for the prepared mix probably assuming you used full fat milk and full fat butter. If you choose to use semi skimmed and a low fat spread, the calories won't be as high.

Good luck!
Thanks hun, I use semi-skimmed milk and I honestly wouldnt mind leaving the butter out because I tried it before like that and It didnt make much difference. I just find if I do stick to calorie counting and eat food I enjoy maybe I will lose it easier?

I wish there was chocolate with no calories in it. :( Xx
Boots do a reduced sugar chocolate range beside the fridges with the sandwiches. They're called "Reduced Sugar" brand. You can get a proper chocolate bar for under 200 cals!
I think they're only free if you make them with water, which really doesn't make any difference to the taste. In fact, I prefer them that way.


Recovering chocoholic.
GagaOoLala, I have them & other Pasta 'n Sauce quite often & count them in. I used to PP them with Weight Watchers. I use fully skimmed milk & butter. More calories I know but somehow I feel fuller for longer eating it that way.

As to chocolate I try to avoid it altogether, for me one square is only the first square. :)

I see you have my cat Missy as your avatar.. ;)

Edit. It is 444cls' 'as sold' - before adding milk etc.
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hmm. Having just defected from SW, I'm still kicking myself at 'believing' any food can be "free"! It's like I wasn't accountable for myself when eating tons of eggs, pasta, noodles, potatoes etc. Now I'm CC I can see exactly why my losses stopped!
hmm. Having just defected from SW, I'm still kicking myself at 'believing' any food can be "free"! It's like I wasn't accountable for myself when eating tons of eggs, pasta, noodles, potatoes etc. Now I'm CC I can see exactly why my losses stopped!

I agree- I've never ever been able to get my head that SW philosophy!
I can't knock it, I lost over three stone (but it did take me over three years AND weight was creeping on for the last few months). It taught me to eat more, eat regularly, and learn to experience hunger....but it also made alot of crappy food seem consequence free! My hubby is being fed a TON of packaged food at the minute, whilst I clear my storecupboard! lol


Recovering chocoholic.
I went to SW for well over a year & I averaged my weight loss over the time at 6oz per week. Yet there were quite a lot of men members & they seemed to lose weight easily.. Can only think it suits the male metabolism better. I thought it was expensive too.

Iwillsoonbeslim, they told me I should never feel hungry on a SW diet..
No, I agree. But because I'd had really bad erating habits for most of my adult life, I could easily go 24 hours before thinking 'when was the last time I ate?'. By followinf SW I learned to thoroughly enjoy food, and think about it 24/7, and start to yearn for it again. Maybe hunger was the wrong worg. Desire, I guess is more apt !


Recovering chocoholic.
Yeah, living to eat instead of eating to live.. At least that's what I tended to do. This old dog is trying to learn new tricks.
Lesson one, steer clear of the chocolate aisle!

Hiya :)

Cheers for all the replys!

I just got back from holiday! Had a great time and even better when I got up this morning and stepped on the dreaded scales I discovered I have lost 5lbs! YEP YOU READ RIGHT.. LOST 5LBS.. ON HOLIDAY!

Weird eh? I think I know what did it tho, I ate alooot of feta cheese salads, missed breakfast each day because i was too hungover (I know not healthy but its not something i will do at home) and only really had a main meal. I ate a icecream every day and had so many cocktails and glasses of rose! I think I almost drank majorca dry lol. And still I have lost weight! I did so much swimming and walking and dancing and coming from someone who is or should that be was pretty lazy I feel the benefits. Before I left home I struggled to walk far, now I can walk for a hour without getting tired. I am carrying this on and its gave me the boost to keep exercising. I went swimming last night with my bf and did a hour of cardio (just dance) and yoga today. I am really enjoying it. Just need to get the food bit sorted now.

Oh yeah about slimming world, I bought the magazine at the airport on the way home because I wanted to read some inspiring storys and thought it would have good reciepes in it. But I think that the whole thinking food is free.. is just going to lead to overeating. Especially for someone like me who is a grazer lol.

Ah wrinkly! the moggy is cute isnt it! I cut it off the cravendale advert on youtube.. I love cats! I have 3!.

Hows everyone doing? xx

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