advice needed about weekend away


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hi there
I am only on day 3, but am worried about next weekend.
I'm going away with a group of girls for my friends 40th and am wondering how i'm going to get on.
the plan is travel down to london, meet for lunch, see a show, go for a meal then a club.

shopping and lunch the next day then home

any ideas how i should plan my packs for the weekend?
any good ideas about what i can tell people?
what about in the restaurants, will they make up the soups, anyone had a bad experience when eating out?

daisy x
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Hi I've eaten out loads on ll and I just ask for a mug of hot water and mix my soup myself, take an electric whisk with you, never had anywhere complain yet and we eat out loads, have fun :D xXx


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No problems

Same for me. I've continued to do everything. i either have a shake before I go, or take a bar and have that and water and black coffee. Just tell the restaurant im not eating even in posh places where you have to book.
No probs at all.
You will be fine.


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If you know where you are going it might be worth checking ahead. Just to make sure. I'm sure most won't have a problem, but best to safe. As if they won't let you you can decide to have on right before or after.


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i'm thinking of having a shake before i leave in the morning.
soup at the two meals and then a bar later on in the evening - i might have to sneak into the club loos to eat it, don't want to look completely wierd eating a bar on the dancefloor!

Thanks for replies i will have to practise mixing the soups without my blender in a cup before i go
daisy x


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Gave up the blender

Despite my forum name!
i don't use a blener or a shaker, always mix them with a spoon. I only like the vanilla,thai chilli and chocolate, but no problems with lumps as long as you mix it to a paste first.
You'll be fine.