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Advice needed - am in mild shock following an accident


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Er...now - I don't want to alarm anyone, I am fine, really I am, but a bus rolled into my bus shelter whilst I was under it and I got covered in tiny fragments of glass. I got dusted off by paramedics but there was another lady far worse off then me so I stripped to my bra, shook off my top and headed for home as I assumed getting a milky chocolate pack down me would be better for me than sitting in A&E slipping further down the triage list as the drunks rolled in. Also - there's not a lot to do about tiny bits of glass other than change your clothes and take a shower and I can do that without medical help. What I do need help with is I think I am a bit in shock...I'm jittery and shaky...now - we all know the answer to this in the real world is a tot of brandy or a spoonful of sugar. Neither of which are options right now unless I want to trigger a cake binge. So - what do you do for mild shock/stress when you're on a VLCD?
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And no - I'm not going anywhere near A&E - I have total white coat syndrome and hate hospitals and seriously I'd be put right to the back of the queue, I am not injured - just stressy and jittery but not having palpitations or any signs of physiological shock.


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Maybe a bar? Hot strong tea with a bit of skimmed milk and sweetener? a couple of squares of dark chocolate? I know none are really ss compliant but you've had a shock so a little bit of something like that might help? Glad you're ok though! x


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Cheers Shiny - I think you've got it there...yeah - a bar with a cup of something strong (I'm cool without milk or sweetner). You are wise :)

Oooh - I do have a tiny square of posh dark choc from the posh Italian cafe I go to on the southbank...so if the jitters really don't subside that can be my emergency treat. In the meantime I might just do some v gentle yoga!
Glad your ok, have you tea and early night x

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