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Advice needed

My friend has been drinking the malic acid flavoured water from tesco all week, she's doing ss+ and I had a bottle yesterday I had a bit off food on Wednesday so was out off ketosis but was expecting to be in ketosis yesterday or today at the latest tested my water with a ketostix and I'm not in ketosis I've had nothing since Thursday bar my 3 shakes a day and sparkling water except for a bottle off the flavoured water yesterday! It's got to be the flavoured water so my friend tested to see if she was in ketosis and she isn't either! But we've both lost weight so can't understand it! Has anyone else gone out off ketosis drinking this flavoured water? X
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Okay, forgive me for asking a few stupid questions?

(1) Was the flavoured water actually sugar-free flavoured water? Not all of them are...

(2) Did you both test using the same bottle of ketostix?

(3) How old are the ketostix?

(4) Are you hungry? Luckily, you don't have to be in ketosis for Cambridge to work... :)


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st10.0lb G: 13st7.0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 1st1lb(6.38%)
Was it this stuff?

If it was, I can't see why there'd be a problem with it.

Ketostix are notoriously unreliable of course - that's why I never use them. And even if they are working properly, it's perfectly possible to be in ketosis and never get a pink stick if your body's efficient at using ketones (unusual, but possible).

Another question - what time of day did you do the test? If you'd been drinking plenty through the day, your urine might be so dilute, the ketones don't show up.
Hi lily thanks for replying yes it's that water in the pics I did a test yesterday teatime and this morning and they're both negative and my friend did hers at dinner time so we hadn't consumed much water by then so it would still be a pretty dark pink! We have used ketostix from the same pack as she didn't have any but she's bought some today I'd never though it could be them though as I bought them when I started 5 weeks ago! And neither off is are hungry! X
hi honey, don't worry about it, i hardly ever test for ketosis, but i am losing weight steadily. Every time I have done this it has been the same. Apparently its only excess ketones that show in your urine, so as long as you stick to the diet, you will be fine x
Thanks eclipse I dont usually bother but I thought seeing that pink stick would spur me on if i was having a bad day! After what lily said about it possibly being my ketostix my friend tried her new pack and it's gone pink I tried one and it's still negative! I'm trying not to dwell on it because I've lost weight but just don't understand it! this is my 6 week and have only has one blip on Wednesday and got straight bk on track on Thursday! X


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I wouldn't worry about it Deb if the scales are going down - I haven't used sticks at all - I was quite happy with the fact I wasn't hungry and took it from there - also by sticking 100% i know there was no way I couldn't be. I also only drank water of the CD flavourings - they don't recommend fizzy drinks for a reason - partly because of the citric acid/ketosis thing, partly because they make some people feel hungry - I just worked on if I stuck to everything they said 100% then I would be guaranteed results (but then I am a kind of all or nothing kind of person!) I just found it really helps me

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