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advice on hair


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i know this is probably the wrong place to ask but seeing as you sort of get to 'know' people a little after all these weeks helping one another i sort of hoped you might be able to settle my mind about something

ive a hair appointment on monday after work and im wondering whether i should get my curly past shoulder length hair cut.

im just fed up with it and having lost a good amount of weight and feeling better about myself at least i was wondering whether i should take the plunge and do it or not?!

ive a heart shaped face, pale skin and long light brown curly hair with blond highlights in it..which i do like but as i say am wondering whether i should go for something completely different

any thoughts on this would be great lol

h xxx
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Wow sounds fab you should go for it!! I am one that thinks go for it!! if you really don't like it there are ways and means of making it look different and also it grows back just never have it done like that again! I think you have lost loads of weight treat yourself!! I am having mine done soon!!

Rock on

Hope xxxx


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hi harriet is your hair naturally curly maybe you could have it relaxed (reverse perm) taking the curl out would be a complete change and its easier to get the curls back than grow it with your face shape having it layered around your face would be great Ive gone from blonde(natural) to dark brown and i think it helps you leave the fat person behind having a complete change xx


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i have to say i really like that idea lilly ..i get fed up with knotty hair, especialy in the wind lol but im not sure what OH would say, he hates my hair straight!!

perhaps i should get some lessons in straighening it myself or something...

h xx


weighs a lot less
the bset advice i was ever given about straightening is blow dry first with a big brush then straighten in small sections but always remember to use a heat protection spray i use tresemme and have found it the best dont do anything to drastic though try having a bit done at the time x
go for it and have a total make over. Bobs are in at the moment and if you fancied a change after at least you can grow it back. When i loose a good amount of weight i am going to get my hair cut into a short style. Your hair dresser will know what type of a croped style will suite you face shape and what colour hair will compliment your complection. x x
Do a Demi Moore and shave it all off, look how good she looked. Or alternatively get some rasta beads -YEAH MAN!:D


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Have to say i really like a bob! x


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what are you having done foreverhope?!

h x


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thanks daisybank..thats what ive done...how did you hear of that site..its great!

h xx
Yeah it's great isn't it! I'm glad you liked it, let me know what you go for. I am trying to make up my mind what to do with mine. :)


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If you are going to a good hairdresser they should be able to give you some good ideas to make the look totally fab.....I am growing my hair at the moment.....so I can have more options when I loose all this baby weight!!


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i could post some pics on here and let you see what you think of some styles but dont know where to start!! i could also put my proper pic of what i look like now i suppose

any ideas how i could do this??

h xx
That sounds lovely Hope I've got similar but not quite a bob yet, im getting shorter each time lol x
Mines getting longer Trace;)
lol glad to hear it honey!!! xx


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Sounds really classy......can you post a photo when its done???

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