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Advice on weight loss trend please!

Hi - I'm currently on day 6 and had an interseting first week! I really struggled to find foodpacks which I liked and on day 3 & 4 was unable to even keep them down. I had a chat with my LLC who gave me some bars yesterday to see if this helped. The good news is that yes it has made a difference - I can cope with 1 bar a day and 3 soups. My big concern though is that I was weighed yesterday and had lost 16lbs already - does this mean that I am likely to have a bad loss on week 2 or is such a big loss OK?
Has anyone else had a big loss in week 1 then carried on and had good losses?
I am drinking all the water, definitely not cheating and apart from the days when I couldn't keep the packs down (which I think may have been a bug) I am sticking to the programme 100%.
Any advice greatly appreciated!:)
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Most people have a really big loss on the first week...the following weeks are not as big but are still pretty amazing! It works out that you lose on average a stone a month if the plan is followed correctly.


Jo B

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Well done on such a brilliant first week loss. I lost 12lbs in my first week and then 7lbs in my second week. As long as you keep going, don't cheat and drink the water you should be fine.
Good luck


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I lost 13lbs in my first week then 5 in my second. As above, stick with it and you will see the pounds melt away.

Good luck in your journey x
well done on your first loss, i cant advice as this is my first week, fingers crossed i have such a good loss too lol x
lol - 16 pounds in a week! WOW! With a loss like that - does it really matter how much you lose in week two!? ;)

Thats phenomonal!! :D

As others said, the first week is almost always the biggest, the following two or three can still be substantial, then it sort of settles into more routine losses anywhere from 2 - 4 pounds on average.

Don;t be shocked on weeks you stay the same, or only lose a wee amount - it all averages out to about 4 pounds a week!

Good luck - you are off to a great start!


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Well done. The first big loss is glycogen (your fridge) and water. Once these are gone you go into ketosis and burn fat (your freezer) and away you steadily go!!

No you won't have another loss quite like it, yes it is normal, but your's is pretty impressive!, and the losses will slow down but over the entire months, each one should lose about 1 stone for you.

There will be weeks when it will be slow, it's called being female, and others will catch up. Just always look at the big picture and your total losses.

Stick to it, it will be over in no time, you can look forward to a fantastic Christmas wowing them in that little dress you have always wanted to wear.

Welcome to the rest of your life.
Thanks for the advice - I obviously am really pleased with such a loss so far and didn't expect it to continue like this (but wouldn't that be fab!:p), but just wondered if I needed to prepare for a non loss in week 2 following such a big loss. I will keep going and hopefully get into some shorts for my Florida trip in December, and a nice dress for my 40th in July!
Good luck to everyone else!:)


I Can Do This!

I lost 14lb in the first week and then 4lb the following week. Averaging about 3.5lb per week loss thereafter, but ranged between 1lb and 4.5lb so far. Enjoy your journey!


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Hi mel
I lost 17.5lbs in the first week and 9lbs in the second. 9 weeks down the road and I have settled into the around 4lbs a week. it will all even out in the long run. It is just lovely seeing all the weight coming off in a nice steady rate.

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