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Advice please re all inclusive holiday and food

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Ali butcher, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Hello all I am going on a all inclusive holiday in March and would love some ideas of foods I can enjoy and the alcoholic drinks to avoid. I don't really want to be worry about things when it comes to food etc..and don't want to put too much weight on. Thanks
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  3. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Silver Member

    Where are you going? I am going on an all inclusive in July to Greece.

    I am sure there will be alot of choice. Stick to fruit/yoghurt/cereal for breakfasts, or things like eggs and beans on wholemeal toast. for lunch you could have salads with cold meats and dinners would probably be something like meat/veggies/potatoes.

    Stay away from - anything creamy/cheesey, bread that will always come with a starter, nibbles and snacks that might be left on the bar will increase your syns.

    With alcohol - cocktails are usually high in syns. If you fancy a pina colada then swap this for a malibu and pineapple! Otherwise stick with spirit and diet mixers. Add soda water to your wine to make it last longer so you dont drink as much as well.
  4. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    I'm off in just under a month to an All Inclusive resort in Dom Rep. Its the 2nd holiday I've been on whilst on SW. I gained 2Lbs when I went just over a year ago to Mexico, which I think it pretty damn good for 2 weeks away!

    Things to avoid
    Fruit based drinks - they tend to be made with concentrates, are not real fruit and are horribly high in sugar.
    Bread (obviously)
    In a lot of Caribbean countries they have alot of American brands, so often the butter is sweetened (yuk!) as are all the sauces
    There will be a whole island at breakfast full of pastries - AVOID THEY ARE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL. In fact, if you see any thin women piling their plates high from this station - chuck them in the pool cos they are obviously witches :)

    Things to eat
    Any grilled meats - there will always be some
    Salads - they are always washed in filtered water now so its all good
    Fruit - as above

    If there are A La Carte Restaurants then my experience is that the portions are big enough to fill you and not so much you feel stupid full - I never worried when I was eating in one of these (most nights)

    You will also find that the hotels are pretty big and you can walk off a lot of your food intake if you can be bothered in the heat!

    Drinks wise- I just stick to spirit and diet coke with the occasional brightly coloured cocktail in there for good measure

    Above all - ENJOY YOURSELF. Hope you have a fab time.
  5. This is based on the mediaeval witchhunting principle which says if they sink and drown, they weren't witches, but it's too late now, and if they float, they are witches, so push them under until they drown!!

    Does the hotel you are going to have a website which tells you about the food they serve? Or could the tour company provide menus? That way, you could plan in advance.
  6. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Hiya we are going to Cape Verde for 11 nights :) cheers for food and drinks tips. It's a Riu hotel we are staying in and from the sounds of it should have a good variety of food choices (I hope so) I had a feeling the creamy based foods are one to avoid and cocktails etc...you too have fab holidays. Cheers once again:)
  7. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    Riu's are fab for having fresh foods and salads. Just be careful of the minibar in the room - there are optics with spirits on the wall and it's included at no extra charge. Dangerous!
  8. hendopig

    hendopig Gold Member

    Sweetened butter? Gross!

    I stayed in the a Riu in the Dom Rep - best hotel ever! Free cans of coke in the fridges topped up each day and piña colada slush puppies! However, I hear it got trashed in some rampage a few months ago.

    Ps this was long before SW, can you tell?
  9. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    Lol! The 1st time we stayed in one we were having a rum & coke before going for breakfast! It seemed rude not to :)
  10. Nikki<3

    Nikki<3 Gold Member

    I went to a riu in Mexico for 2 weeks when I very first did slimming world. I came back 11lb lighter haha but when I went to Egypt I was a bit more careful and I did a strict juice programme the 5 days before I went. I lost 5lb on it and that was all I gained back on the holiday.

    I love the RIU hotels for their fresh foods so I'm sure there will be plenty of choice but as someone else beware of the in room optics...... Leathal when getting ready to go out at night!

    Enjoy it!!
  11. Ali butcher

    Ali butcher Full Member

    Sounds promising fresh fruits etc.... I've not heard of optics being in a room will attempt to avoid.
    Many thanks for support ladies. Going to start a food diary:)

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