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Advice Please

Hello Peeps.

I wondered if you could offer me some advice. A while back i tried CD and unfortunately i never made it past day 5. I never felt hungry, but i just couldn't ward off the cravings. Anyway, i wanted to try a VLCD again, but i'm a bit unsure how to proceed. I'm scared that if i try again - i will fail again and i don't want that to happen.

How do you all manage to stop yourself from eating food on VLCDs?

Thanks :confused:
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You really have to be in the right frame of mind to do a vlcd. If youre not absolutely determined and motivated its virtually impossible.

That said, drinking plenty of water helps as does brushing your teeth whenever you feel like eating.


On A Mission!
Hi NEPriest. The cravings are very hard to get over, its such a shock to your body to suddenly stop the carbs, and just like breaking any addiction you are going to find it tough. For those that do manage it the rewards are fantastic, but not everyone can find that superhuman willpower. I certainly couldnt. But I do love the exante meal replacement shakes even so, so i have one every day for breakfast, and its really filling. Then i have a sandwich for lunch and a small low carb meal for dinner. I also have some low carb snacks from Avidlite to get me through any hunger or cravings i might get. This has worked really well for me. There is a place for the meal replacements to be a significant part of a long term diet, without it being all or nothing.

Maybe this is a route you could consider if you find 100% too difficult to deal with.

The advantage of doing the meal replacements 100% is that you guarantee your full nutritional requirements for very low calories. But if you simply cant go down that route then it has to be a better option to replace 1 meal a day with them, and eat sensibly for the rest. At least you are getting 1third of days needs in 1 meal, it certainly makes a good breakfast anyway. I never used to bother with breakfast because i didnt have time in the morning, so this is a really quick simple solution for me thats gives me a nutritious start to the day and keeps me full well into the afternoon.

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