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Advice Please


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Hi All,

I am currently on day 10 and have been 100% since day 1. Up until now I have found the diet really easy to do, never once felt hungry or tired infact I havent felt this good in a long time.

However at about 8pm last night and all day today including now, I feel really hungry, and cant stop thinking about food? I feel really tired and have no energy.
I am drinking 2.5 - 3 ltrs of water each day
I am just not sure why after 10 days this is now happening:confused:

Any Ideas?

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Hi, Im not following the same diet plan as you but after about two weeks on my plan, have also felt really hungry after doing well. I just look at the before and after pics on the site to motivate me and keep me away from the crap food that was the reason for my weight gain. I hope you get back on track soon. I know its really hard but will be sooooo worth it :)


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Wow just seen that you have lost 8 lbs in 6 days. Well done you. :)


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Hi, many thanks for your reply.

I am just hopeing this will pass, I am still very motivated to do this and will continue to do this diet for as long as it takes to lose the weight I need to lose.

Just unsure why this this happening now xx
hi zeldas
i found week 3 was like that for me - just couldn't stop thinking about food so i felt hungry allllll the time. it seems to have happened to a lot of people - just try and stay 100%, you'll feel so much better if you do and i hear it's a slippery slope once you've given in.

good luck x
hi zeldas, im feeling exactly the same 2day and im on day 6, yesterday i was flying, but 2day im really tired, my legs feel heavy and im starving,, hoping its just a blip and il be back on form 2morrow, and hope 2morrow is a better day for you 2 xxx


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omg I think I have discovered why I was feeling crap for the past 2 days....woke up this morning to a period:mad:

This is a bit of a shock for me as I the pill I am on I take it staright through all the time, so I have not had a period in months.

So I guess this explains why I was feeling so hungry, tired ect. Just hope it only last a couple of days:)

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