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advice pls - sweeteners?

S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
hi all
hope we're all having a good week and being strong! Just a quick question as i've confused myself.... sweeteners - they're allowed right?
I just thought i'd read somewhere that certain spoonful versions were cheats??
Just can someone clear this up for me and recommend which ones are ok - if allowed to state brand names on here. I've kept completely to the diet, but bought sweetner spoonful variety as was cheaper n whilst making my "brew" i had a sudden 'have i left the iron on/is this a cheat n i've messed up' moment!!! x:confused:

wk 1: -9lbs
wk2: -4
wk 3: -3
wk 4: -3
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Gratz on your losses so far. With regards to sweeteners officially you are only meant to use tablet form as there is something in the spoonful ones that stops the diet from working properly.
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I think the sprinkling sweetners contain sugar!
Emma x


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Spoonable sweetners are a NO NO as they derive from extracted wheat sugars.

Tablet sweeteners are allowed and are totally fine to add to shakes. I'd also like to add that Fruit or Flower Tea's are NOT ALLOWED but any Green Leaf Tea's are fine to drink whilst on TFR Lipotrim.

Hope this helps (I'm always calling Lipotrim
/ Howard Group up with questions)

Ps spoonable sweetener does not contain regular Cane sugar and is only spoonable because it comes from Wheat


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Hiya i had the same problem, as said before the spoonable ones contain wheat sugar and carbohydrates which enables them to be spoonable (powdary) - at least this is what my doctors told me about them anyway so i've just stuck to the sweetex tablet things in my peppermint and green tea (which i don't like that much but make a change from water!) lol

So basically they're a great big NO for the Lipotrim diet. Sorry if that's bad news though :(
S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
poo sticks! i've been usin the canderel spoonful stuff as it was on offer for a quid. i usually use the sweetex, and its nicer! Ya think this will alter readings for the week or even have kicked me out of ketosis??!
Thank you all for the input, i hadnt realised there was such a big difference. And the nutritional info for my tab form sweetners was on the chuck away cardboard. I've had really bad headaches past 2 days, i'm guessin its the spoonful sweetner. Really hoping i'm still in ketosis n i've not put on weight now. crap!x

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