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Advice plz ladies and lads

So had a good day 2day, and the reason i did, was i 4got 2 take my packs 2 work??? Argh no, ure thinking!!!! However, i found having all 3 when i got home really stopped me from picking at crap in the evening. Can i do this all the time, is it safe????? x x x
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I look at it all over a 24 hour period. Sometimes i am up in the night a lot (don't ask!) and include that in my time to have the packs and the water. Didn't you feel a bit sick having them all together? It's a lot of nutrition all in one go.
Well i dint have them like straight after! lol. I had chick n mush soup, then a bar about hour later (before the bar i attempted 2 make choc mint crisps/cookies, however burnt them! lol), and im gonna take a warm choc tetra 2bed with me! After all, the warm tetras the best offer im gonna get coming 2 bed with me!!!!! x x x x x


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i usually have all mine at night.. cos i just can not be bothered during the day.. lol..
if you drink coffee.. you could try your tetra in a coffee.. soooooooooooooooo yummy.. im addicted..
x x x


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Oh yes, I used to have coffee in my tetra (rather than tetra in my coffee:p)

It's lovely :)


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It would depend what time you get home and start. If you have too much in 4 or 5 hours of each other, you might go out of ketosis. Although, you'd still have big losses as energy out is more than energy in. People fasting for Ramadan can do Cambridge too, and in the period they eat (dark hours) they're to spread out the packs as much as possible. I think the same would apply for you...if you're going to have them in the evening....evenly space them out.....perhaps one as soon as you get in, one last thing before bed, and one right in between those times.



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Hi honey.......

I always have all my packs from 5pm onwards......reason being I don't want the faffing around at work, and am not hungry anyways, so I just drink lots of water throughout the day and then have my first shake at tea time and then save a bar and another shake for later on in the evening when I'm sat relaxing and can enjoy them properley.......
I'm ususally that busy at work I don't even get 5 minutes to sit and drink a cup of coffee whilst it is still hot! lol!

It won't do you any harm at all hun....as long as you always remember to have all 3 packs! :)

If you have too much in 4 or 5 hours of each other, you might go out of ketosis. Although, you'd still have big losses as energy out is more than energy in.


Dreamer, do we have 2 be in ketosis to loose the weight??? Ive always wondered??

Thanks for ure help every1!!! It happened as a mistake, but i did find it so much easier. I can find pleanty 2 do at work, but not alot at home if my mind needs taking off things. Also our house is readily available 4 rubbish 2eat, whereas i work on my own 3 out of the 6 days, the shops r right at other end of village and cant close my shop anyway, so i have no chance to binge, the other 3 days, the girl who works 4 me wont let me binge, shes good like that!!! lol she lost 5 stone on ww so she knows how good it feels 2 make that change. x x x x


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No, you don't have to be in ketosis to lose weight, but being in ketosis burns fat up quicker :)
Thanks Ruth, another question 4 u, as ive just been reading ure diary, can any1 do a diary? x x x
Yeah, anyone can do a diary, I think! Try it :D
Cheers my duck. x
Being in ketosis to loose weight also stops you feeling physically hungry.(generally speaking...obviously we are all a bit different!)
So obviously this helps when loosing weight...that way you only have to concerntrate on the 'thinking' you are hungry and not the actual being hungry.

Well done on finding another way to get through a day!
Lou XX
Yep anyone can do a diary. I might be wrong but am pretty sure Icemoose always used to have all his packs in the evening so I can't see why you couldn't.

Thanks porgeous. Ruth, Porgeous? 2 start my diary, do i just add new thread? x x x
Yes indeedy, if you go into the Diary forum and then start a new thread, there is a sub-group called "Members Diary" if you only want members of Minimins to see it.

Thankyou! Porgeous. Why the G?

Every1 on the tetra thing, yes, me 2 am addicted 2 coffee w. tetra, banana, is normal coffee, yet choc tastes like a mocha!!! x x x x
G for Georgie, that's me!

Lovely. Thats the thing when u get familiar with usernames, ure never sure. Thanks.

Danni. x

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