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advice re: diabetes


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Hi all,

Hope everyone is well and dropping those lbs ;)

Ive just had a very lengthly conversation with my Mum who has been very upset over a real grilling from her Dr this morning over her weight. She has many health issues that are all related to her being overweight.

Anyway, I have been convincing her all morning that what the Dr is suggesting is a last resort (gastric bypass) and that she could start the Cambridge diet with me after Easter. She isn't sure whether she can do it with her having diabetes though. I'm not sure as I don't have it myself but have promised that I will find out for her and let her know!

So here I am again relying on my lovely CD friends to help me out with my query :D

Can't wait to get back to it in a few weeks too - i've missed you guys! :)

Hugs x x x
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sorry emma cant help but lm sure someone will know


please try again
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i think diabetics cant go lower than the 1200 programme. trying to find the info

good to see you hun


please try again
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Mrs Taurus

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Hi Emma,
My mum was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in Autumn 2004, after a life-time of yo-yo dieting and carrying on average an extra 3- 4 stone around she immediately went on the low GI diet, and took up line dancing.
Despite some not believing it to be medically possible, within a year she actually got into pre-diabetic state again, honest. She spent the last 3 and a half years of her life the healthiest she had ever been, she saw the low GI diet as a way of life and enjoyed it, she became a regular exerciser and no longer a yo-yo dieter or emotional eater........,as you may recall she passed away due to medical negligence during pre-op care for a hip replacement,nothing to do with her previous size or diabetes.

Good luck, and enjoy your 1st Easter with Elliot.

A very lardy Mrs T........although, I'm back at the gym after a 5 year break and 5 stone weight gain next week....yikes!



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Hi Emma

I'm guessing we're talking Type 2 diabetes?

Claire's already provided the link, but here's what it says:

Can someone with diabetes be on the Cambridge Weight Plan?

Customers who have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can use Cambridge Programmes with the support of their doctor and specialist nurse.

If you take more than metformin medication for the treatment of diabetes, you would have to start on Step 5:1500kcal/d and work down the steps every few weeks.

If you have Type 1 diabetes, the lowest programme you would step down to would be Step 3: 1000kcal.

If you have type 2 diabetes the lowest programme you would step down to would be Step 2: 810kcal/d.

We want you to have a slightly slower reduction in calories to ensure that blood glucose levels remain as stable as possible. If you have diet controlled diabetes or are only prescribed Metformin medication for treatment of your diabetes you would be able to go on Sole Source and would not have to start on a higher programme. Your diabetes is not as advanced as in those who are on additional medication for diabetes.
So I guess it depends on what sort of diabetes she has and how bad it's got.

It's slightly off on a tangent this, but I have a very good friend who has type 2 diabetes who's now off all her medication after discovering the low carb diet. In theory (ha ha!), doctors are supposed to recommend trying a low carb diet before putting type 2 diabetic patients on metformin and the like. Funnily enough, hers didn't mention it. :rolleyes: But she didn't do too well on metformin at all - it gave her horrible tummy problems.

She's doing fabulously well on low carb and finds that she hardly misses carbs at all.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that with the doctor's support she could definitely do Cambridge - and surely even (s)he'd agree it was worth a shot before resorting to drastic measures?

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