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If you want it at the 'Bumper Pack' price (ie £25 pw), then sadly they come pre-packed with no substitutions allowed...

But most of the flavours are OK, and most of us prefer or hate different ones...


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ok hun thanks, have to try different diet then as cud only stomach the choc and strawberry shakes on cambridge so cant see this being different. Thanks and good luck with ur journey x


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apparently they dont taste the same, tbh if you use a herbalite shaker the shakes really dont taste of much but water, they are ok

the soups on the otherhand - yuk but bit of chilli sorts them out


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I really like all the shakes, got advice from here to blend them with one sweetex, and some ice and that makes them all thick and quite nice I think lol!
I only like the tomato soup and the chicken soups! I don't know where I'd be without them tbh, they stop the 2000 questions I'd get at work..I tell everyone its a 'slimasoup'...they know I'm 'dieting' (but not quite how ;))


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I think that they taste ok actually and the soups are much better than the Cambridge ones (in my opinion)

The only soup I don't like is the tomato one.
I'd agree re the soups. I couldn't stomach the LL ones but find these ones ok :)
Also the shakes are not as sweet, the flavours are more suptle and the texture creamier (to me anyway :))

podge x


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the soup is really nice i think i might just live on them yummy x
I came over from CD too. I didn't like the CD soups so I opted to buy a bumper pack of shakes only and then bought a box of bars to go with it.

I really like all the shakes and bars so next time I order I'm going to get a few soups as well and try those. It does cost a bit more but it's better than having to force down things I don't like. If I like the soups I can go over to ordering the bumper packs in future.
IIRC Exante do a one-week pack that just has a couple of all the flavours in, I think it's about £36. More expensive than the bumper pack but if you just want to be able to test each of the flavours without risking having loads left over that you don't like it might be worth getting trhat one first, see how you get on, then basing any future orders on waht you like or don't like.

Although the other thing to be a bit wary of is that your tatses change when you are well into the diet. When I first started I only really liked the chocolate shakes, and the banana made me gag. I loved the thai chicken soup but the rest left me cold. Now, 3 months later, vanilla is my fave, banana is OK and I'm not too keen on the chocolate! Similarly I love the mushroom and veg soups and have gone right off the thai chicken.

Personally I found it worth persevering with the bumper pack cos even from the start there was nothing in there that I really disliked, although I had to tweak some of them a bit. I think it's going to be very much down to your own taste but I would certainly recommend that you try every flavour at least once before you write it off, and if there are any you don't like hang onto them cos you may change your mind later on. :)
I hated the soups when I was on LL so bought a bumper pack of shakes only. It's early days of course, but so far they all taste fine. Yep, they're not as sweet but definitely creamier and the bars are nice enough too. As I said, early days...


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