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After 2 cervical screens i have to see doctor, why??


Hate it but doing it!
Hi ladies,
i had my first screen just after Christmas but i had to go back to have it done again as the nurse didn't put my name on the sample bottle :sigh: so i had to go back again a few weeks later. Every sodding time i have this done i always have to have it done it at least twice as someone tends to bugger it up.
Anyhoo, just got the letter today that my doctor wants to see me, i called, gave the secretary the details and i have an appointment on Monday which is unheard of as you have to book up at least 2 weeks in advance unless it's an urgent case.
Bit nervous because as groovy as the internet is it also allows you to search and become a gloom and doom merchant and i've managed to scare the crap out of myself.
I was tested for PCOS last year as we've been trying for a family 18 months now and i had a miscarriage last year, (Feb 14th, a day that will stick in my head for the wrong reason now), and haven't been pregnant since but it came back as normal. My periods are still massively irregular, i haven't had a period since November which is the longest it's ever been, varies between 6 and 12 weeks in general.
I've noticed more recently that i've got a lot of dark hair on my chin, (i'm only 28), hairy tops of thighs and equivalent to the mans snail trail under my belly button and the usual spots on face back and skin tags. I've lost a little over 3 stone and weigh 11.11 which at 5ft4 is not ideal but i'm a size 16 top and 14 bottom so i'm not huge anymore.
I'm pretty worried about it all, anyone had the same??? :sad0071:
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Sorry I can't help sweetie, but I was under the impression that the letter sent to the patient following a cervical screen test was supposed to say WHY you need to go back as well as when.

I'm at work later and will ask if you'd like me to (I work in a GP surgery) but each area works a little differently.


Hate it but doing it!
Hi HelenG thanks for the message. Dr's appointment is on Monday but just received a letter from the local hospital that has told me that i've got abnormal cells and i have to have a Colposcopy. It tells me it's nothing to be worried about but i still can't help but feel a little uneasy.........
Hi Luck Loser,

I had two bad smears and then had to have a cone biopsy (where the take a slice of the cervix for testing). It came back negative, so just thought I would let you know that it may be nothing. Hope all goes well at the hopital.

By the way that was 25 years ago.


Hate it but doing it!
Thanks hon xxx

Hope you are keeping your appt Monday - your GP should be able to explain the letter from the hospital and talk you through the procedures/processes involved when a patient has abnormal smears. Did your hospital letter give you a date for your Colposcopy? It may help to write down your concerns & niggly worries and take that with you when you see your GP. If you do this you won't forget to ask the questions that you really want the answers to ( I'm not sure if that makes sense the way I have written it!)

I can tell you that when I was in my twenties, I spent 2 years having abnormal smears before I got sent for a colposcopy, just shows how medicine has moved on!
I have recently had exactly the same thing and so has my sister. We both had irregular results but we're fine. Colposcopy is fine, just a little undignified!

You definitely sound like you have PCOS, I have exactly same symptoms and am confirmed PCOS. Get the appropriate blood tests done to confirm. A little known secret is Vaniqa cream-it costs the NHS a fortune so they never tell you about it! It has transformed my life in terms of facial hair. I use it morning and night and I get through two tubes a month (30g). It is absolutely amazing but you have to get confirmed for PCOS first. Also, at your small size you should have no probs getting a free course of IVF once PCOS is confirmed. Get the vaniqa but if you're on Cambridge SS don't take the metformin if offered.

I have spent a fortune paying privately to sort out my ovaries LOL, they're still not right but as I lose weight (now lost 46lb) it's slowly improving.


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Hi, hope you don't mind me jumping in here. I had a border-line abnormal smear and the GPs recalled me for a 2nd, which also came back abnormal. I was sent to Gyne and was really worried about it all. The consultant i saw was fantastic explained everything that was going on, what will happen next etc.

I had the colposcopy, which is just a small biopsy really, taken from the cervix. It didn't hurt just made me jump. I had to go back after that to have Lletz treatment were they remove a small loop from the cervix to take away all the abnormal cells. It was a bit uncomfortable but no worse than a smear i suppose.

I have had to have regular annual checks since then and it's all been ok. I just wanted to try to reassure you that this is a routine and fairly common thing and i know how worried i was and it's really not that bad.

Hope it all goes ok on Monday, it is really important to keep having these checks. :)


Hate it but doing it!
Hi ladies, thank you so much for your reassurance, it's just fear of the unknown at the mo. Dr's tomorrow where i will ask again about having another blood test for PCOS as no period since November which is not ideal :sad0071:
Hospital appointment is a week Thurs and i'm dragging the hubster with me i'm not doing this alone.
Urgh, lady bits are a nightmare!!
Thanks for the messages, i'm going to make sure that i have a full MOT whilst this is going on so as soon as we start trying again for a family i'm as healthy as i can be and we're aware if there are any limitations that might take us some time to conceive again because it breaks my heart having such irratic periods and not knowing if it's because i'm pregnant or just one of those times when my period is 3-4 months apart.
I'll give you ladies a heads up when we're trying again so you can get some shares in pregnany tests! It's difficult because i use them at about 3 months apart and have to keep using them as i want to know as soon as i can so that i can get down the drs, costs a blooming fortune. :argh:Hubster seems to think that this is prob a good thing as he doesn't believe that smears should be every 3 years and i now know that i'll have to have annual checks for a few years now.
Fine for him to say, he doesn't have to sit there with his legs waving in the air whilst a complete stranger pokes and prods him! :whip:
Take care all and thanks again, it's like a hug on a page!

Yeah, a full MOT is a good idea, I pay a fortune for mine after a scare. Once the PCOS are diagnosed things will improve greatly. Check with your CDC about metformin as I know it affects sugar in the body, if you're allowed it take it, it is incredible!! Works wonders for PCOS, it regulates periods for a start, helps massively with weight loss and excess hair too. Ask the CDC if you're allowed it!
Scots... Vaniqa has been a life saver for me although I still have to 'attack' most mornings but nothing like I had to. I have this cream in abundance if you wanted to try some? I can send you a tube to try, if you want it just PM me.A tube will last about a month and then you'll have a good idea of how brill it is!
I am going through tests and referal to gyne at the moment, everything seems to point to pcos but the docs not sure as i had no probs getting pregnant, twice! I have had bloods to check my testosterone levels, but they come back ok? It all started after having my 2nd baby really.

But i have struggled to loose weight, I have facial hair and it's thicken on my body especially from down my bellybutton. My skin is terrible, i am nearly 28 and still get teenage spots, yuk i hate it! How can i get my doc to take notice.

A few of you have mentioned Vaniqa, is it any good? Does it work straight away? I have tried electrolysis ans IPL, they haven't worked, I'm desperate now :( HELP!!
Bumpy... Vaniqa is amazing. It dries spots up too!! Works wonders on facial hair but you have to actually be removing it for it to work, not every day or anything but you do have to be actively removing it. It took about two weeks to start working for me I think. My sister asked for it and they refused, it's mad. It costs a lot of money for the NHS to supply it so they're tight with it!! I've loads of it if you want to try any? I just go into my Doctor and tell them when I want to try things, I have had times when I have complained to the Primary Care Trust to appeal, I had to do that for reductil and vaniqa, but I always won!! Anyway, if you want to try vaniqa, PM me and I'll post you some, a tube lasts a month.
Thank you Fourteen! But it won't let me pm you!
They should come up in the box at the top of the screen, where you can change your mood etc. But it wont let me do it!
Have sent you a message, ta!

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