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After cheating..


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Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anyone knew when the best time to check for ketosis is after cheating and eating normal food?? I ate some food this week-people visiting (hence my lame 1lb loss!!) but I didn't know when the best time to use a ketostick was...

I ended up wasting loads, but never found that I was kicked out of ketosis!! But I'm sure that can't be right.

Also you know how you can only have the bars after 2 weeks SS... is that the same? once you get knocked out of ketosis (assuming I was, even though the stix must've lied) do you need to give them a rest for a while to get back properly in?

Sorry about all the questions!
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Hi,I think when you come out of ketosis you are supposed to go back to week 1,no bars,tetras or water flavourings.
I threw my keto stix away as I was testing all the time,does it really matter if you see a pink stick?Will it alter the way you are doing the diet?
If I were you I would ss properly and forget the sticks!!
I decided to have a day off the diet (family meal was looming etc) so ate low cal but not low carb. It took me about 48hrs to get back into ketosis and I had a bar the next day as I was working & there was no way I could make a shake & didn't have a tetra. It didn't knock me out of ketosis, but I don't think I'm someone who is particulary ketosis sensitive eg I drank a diet coke without realising it had citric acid in it on a night out in my first week of CD and it didn't knock me out of ketosis. I think you've just got to try it and see. Personally as long as I'm sticking to CD 100% (whether that includes bars or not) I know my calorie intake is low & I'm going to lose weight. Ketosis is just a side effect and not something to get hung up on to me.

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Well said Andju
I've been thinking about the ketosis thing a bit recently.
I've never used a stick since I started. I figured my body would do what it wanted and checking sticks all the time would do me in too. Same as the scales, I've hidden them.

Go with your bodies folks. Ignore the sticks, ignore the scales - you know if you're doing it right!


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S: 17st10lb C: 17st10lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good points everyone. But if this is the case, where ketosis is just a side effect... surely, say you have a diet coke- and the citric stuff knocks you out of ketosis, there'd be no carbs etc to burn off, so surely you'd just slip back into it anyway?? I guess it's easy to get over obsessed with this ketosis thing!

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