Step 1 Sole Source After how long can someone see difference in weight/face? I completed 7 days today

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  1. Sarki007

    Sarki007 Member

    Hi lovely people, first time ever i'm doing CD, I have completed 7 days today :) tomorrow the CDC is coming to give 2 weeks supply and measure.

    I was just wondering after how soon can someone say your face gone smaller or something like that ? just for motivation...

    I was taking my husband somewhere today and he told me that my stomach is not very near the steering wheel like before lol :p :p

    I am so lucky as I didn't get any headaches or constipation :D plus i'm on hols for three weeks so wanted to try while at home...

    I usually have porridge's for B/Fast, Shakes for Lunch and Soups for Dinner, love the porridge's and shakes they feels me up, Soups i really liked Veg and Mushroom favorite, Leak and potato not that bad...

    Would love to read your experiences for motivation :)

    Thank you Lovely People and all the best to everyone

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  3. bluedress21

    bluedress21 Full Member

    i think everyone is different, the face is where i lose weight the most and people could tell with my face just after week one. But thats because when i put weight on it goes straight to my double chin lol also im just at the start of week 3 now and people have started to notce a difference already ( probably because my stomach is not as bloated)

    i have just bought some veg soup ive got my fingers crossed, ive tried a couple of the other and do not like them atall my fave is choc mint shake i just have that hot everyday. just had a porridge pack definitely not for me its so sweet and has such an odd after taste i just cant stand it lol. i dont know if you have seen any of the "recepies" for the food packs but i have gven a coupe of them ago and would not recommend any of them apart from mixing a choc or choc mint pack with a little water to make a thick paste then putting little blobs on tinfoil and in the freezer for an hour! genuinley tastes like cold chewy chocolate! i love it!! :) ... a couple of them arent advised as cooking the packs can take some nutrients out of them but with freezing im not sure so just be aware xx
  4. xHayleyx

    xHayleyx Member

    I've just started and am only on day 2 (god help me!!) my sister lost 2st8 doing ss and I noticed the weight loss on her after one week! Her stomach literally vanished! She went from a size 16 to 12(almost 10) She said the arms and legs were the hardest fat to shift, so maybe a little light exercise can help for them.x

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