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After TFR?


Hey guys :)

I'm not exactly sure if I should be posting this question in this forum or one of the other Lipotrim ones but hopefully you'll be able to answer it for me :)

When you have done TFR for a while and then come off it is that the equivalent of having lost weight on any other diet (Weight Watchers, just counting calories, etc.)?

What I mean is, are you able to eat food normally (after the re-feeding week is over) as long as its healthy?

I'm just asking because I always hear of people gaining loads of weight back straight after TFR but I'm just wondering if that's because they ate unhealthy food that would cause you to gain weight at the same level no matter how you had lost weight? Or if Lipotrim does something to your body that means you have to be stricter when you're eating again in order to maintain your weight?

Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question!!
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I think this post will be moved to the Refeeding thread lol, but heres my answer to your question.

I just finished my refeed week and lost another 3lbs. The thing to do now is eat healthily but to maintain your weight if you don't want to lose more weight. I think the total normal calorie intake for adult females is around 1,500 per day you need to maintain that with healthy eating otherwise you will start putting back on unwanted weight again if you go back to your old ways of eating, where this put the weight on you in the first place.


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I lost 8 stone in total and within a few months I had regained 2 stone and over 3 years regained it all back. I fell totally back into my bad eating habits and had a much busier social life with my new bod. I don't blame Lipotrim at all, I used to eat dreadfully and even often secretly. Since I got pregnant I have totally changed my ways regarding healthy eating, binging. I was the same weight a week after I had her as a was before I had her. She's six months old now and I just don't view food in the same obsessive way I used to, that's why I'm back here. I have learnt from my mistakes. People do ww and lose lots of weight and they regain it back to, the reason LT sticks out at I'd all is because it all happens so quickly but it is a choice.x


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It is just returning to old habits as the others say, it's not the TFR. It's so easy to slip back to old habits despite all that you read about your palate changing etc. It's very easy to change it back believe me! You may well put on a few pounds after but they may just be your body adjusting to everything and levelling out and then you will just stay at or around that weight.
Have a plan for when you stop like a low GI diet or 1500 calories or whatever suits you best x


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I did this before only for 6 weeks loosing nearly 2 stone

Went on holiday had 5 week off and gained 5lb ... Which wasn't too bad I did eat loads of fish chicken etc
You can eat normally just moderation is so easy to slip into old habits x


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I have just done my re-feed week and also lost 3lbs, I am sticking to salad and the small amount of carbs the re-feed week says i have to have, essentially im pretty much sticking to days 4-7 of the re-feed long term, obviously with some added treats from time to time but im going to the gym also, its taught me to see fatty foods in a different way, my new motto is fat makes you fat... which really does stick in my head from the starting video! I look at restaurant menus differently, im really enjoying salads now which i never would have before, I am confident that im going to maintain my weight over christmas =D and when i reach my goal long term too xxx


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I managed to loose 2lbs on refeed and I am doing maintenance and trying to be low fat /low carbs until new year and then I want to go back on TFR untill my holiday in Feb. There are plenty of success stories on here of people who have managed tokeep their weight off. I do think it is`a case of trying to change our habits of a lifetime!


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i lost over 5 stone the first time i did LT but slipped back into eating all the wrong things and 2 years later i had put 4 stone back on so i did it again and lost the weight again , ive been careful not to eat rubbish and i finished in july this year and havent regained , if you have a bad day then you have to counter balance it and have a good day and i meal replace a few times a week with shakes from my chemist , i also found that going seeing your chemist once a month and being weighed keeps you on track x


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If you don't want to keep paying for the shakes, Tesco do a couple of meal replacement bars that i sometimes have for tea. They come in boxes of 3 and they are always on offer for 2 boxes for £3.50. Great value and they are quite chunky :)