Ahhhh..when do you get the dress on a vlcd???!!


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:confused:Im on Exante..and getting married in September (4th) and OMG...my sister just asked when am i getting my dress as im loosing quite a bit of weight each month according to statistics on vlcds...any one help..?? when should i think about the dress.. it's no good at the mo as i'm only just beginning my weight loss journey..any help anyone on this...?!
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cant really help, but you should look into what dress and where your going to get it from, I had to order mine and it took a good few months to come, I didnt want to guess what size Id be incase the dress didnt fit so ended up ordering it in the size I was at the time and had to go onto a matain diet to stay the same.
I would perhaps consider a dress with corset style back, as this can give you up to a size each way.


S: 20st7lb C: 20st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 53.1 Loss: 0st6lb(2.09%)
thank you wheezy! makes sense...just stupidly didn't think about it!!


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I'm in the same situation as you. I've already bought my dress, and bought it in the size i want to be. My thinking was, seeing as ive spent that much money on a dress, I'm b***dy well gonna stick to LL!

The sensible thing I did though was to purchase a dress with a corset back that laces up (Maggie Sottero) which will technically fit 10-14.

What kind of dress were you thinking of? x


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Hi All, I have just started my weight loss journey. I am not getting married for 11 months yet and I am keen to lose about 6 stone?! I have my heart set on a Maggie Sottero dress and will leave it until the last minute to order. The dress is corset back, so depending on how well I am doing, I may go a size smaller as they say corset backs can go up to a size either way, so should be safe. Only thing is, corset backs aren't very flattering onbigger woman, they tend to fold around the folds of fat rather than help define your shape. So if I don't get cracking on losing some weight then I'll have to rethink the whole outfit! Argh!!!

I so, so desperately don't want to be a fat bride. :0(


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Hi, I'm having the same dilema, I've only got 5 months until I get married at the end of July and want to lose 3 stone and hopefully be a size 12/14, I've just started Cambridge diet and I've done it before so hoping I will be able to stick to it again. I have no idea what size to order my dress though, I'm an 18 at the moment and the dress I've fallen in love with has a sweeping embroidered pattern accross the front, I don't want to order it in an 18 and then have to chop out a load of the pattern and possibly ruin it....then again I don't want to order a size 14 and then fail on the diet and I won't have a dress...the shop assistants said I should order it around 5 months before the wedding...which is practically now, I don't know what to order! The assistant made the comment of 'the first thing a bride says to us is that they will lose weight, and very few of them do' which made me feel a bit crappy...but also very determined to prove her wrong!