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Aimee Lu's Weight Loss Diary


Battling On!
Well hello there! Just joined this forum site today and hopefully this will finally be the thing that helps me loose the weight I've hated so much for years and years.

I'm not sure about which diet I should go on really, I'm going to post a thread asking advise on that.

As all guys in the whole wide world, i've attempted to loose weight and tone up many many times, but as expected they all failed... miserably. Now I'm at my largest I've ever been and deeply unhappy with my appearance.

I'm a frontwoman of a band, which makes things alot lot harder, I get alot of attention on stage. I want to be able to look back at pictures from gigs and see a proper frontwoman looking well, more femenine and beautiful.

I also want to improve my confidence in mine and my partners sex life, I get quite shy and reserved about my body... and it causes problems.

So anyway, I really hope this well help me out and start my life properly; happy, beautiful and confident.

As i'm new here, I would really, really appreciate feedback and help on here :)
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I'm not the best person to offer advice about diets, but my plan is just to eat really healthy, lots of fruit and veg and negative calories, (eg. cabbage, apples, carrots, etc), and exercising as much as I can within reason. ATM I'm just going for hour long walks, when I lose a bit of weight I plan on doing some slightly harder things, lol.

What kind of band are you in?
Best wishes.
hey aimee, welcome to the site! i'm only int he second week of my diet but being on here has really halped me loads so far. i cant reallly offer loads of help as its all new to me too, but for my own diet i count calories and make sure i eat 1500 or under every day, then i try to swim for 1 hour 4-5 times a week. other people find different ways work best for them though, some people prefer to go to weekly meetings or take meal replacements. i guess its just about finding what works best for you really.

good luck wiht your weightloss, being a frontwoman of a band sounds pretty amazing! what kind of music?


Battling On!
Thanks for your replys guys!
I'm going to make sure my cuboards and fridge is colourful from now on! And take my exercise slowly, the old exercise bike is out today and I went on a 20 min walk this afternoon too, its a little hard for me to do much as I have problems with my feet, so plan on doing that swimming too once I get some more cash! Might invest on an airwalker someones advised me about too.

QueenOfTheDamned, do you know of somewhere i can download and print off a massive list of calories in everyday foods?
That'd help me so much!

R.e. my band we're called Rose From The Ashes we're just starting out really at the moment. We're heavy...ish rock, not metal but havier than normal classic rock. We're reallt influenced by a band called Paramore (heard of them?) Been in bands since I was 12 though, so it's been a massive part of my life and I'd love to look like the frontwoman I want to be :)

Hope your journeys continue to go well! Thanks again!


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Hi hun, welcome to the site and good luck :)

Im not on a specific diet, if i fancy something i tend to have it. Its just about being sensible, now its comming up to summer its the right time to have lots of salads which i find filling and with some dressing quite tasty.

I go to the gym 3 times a week and that really is helping, if you cant get to the gym there are some really wonderful exercises you can do at home on the internet.

Keep us updated on how your getting on :)

Ria xx

Ps. i love paramore! lol


Battling On!
Thanks Ria! :]
I think thats what I'm going to do really, but I'll try and stay in my calorie limit and exercise more, I dont have good will power at times :S lol
Yay Paramore!! Their tickets went on sale last Friday, i couldnt afford them :( seen them 3 times already though lol ( my favey band )



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Well ive not been on the site too long but everyone is so supportive its wonderful x


Battling On!
Well I'm doing alright, I refused a takeaway yesterday and opted for salad, fresh chicken and jacket potato... that felt good!
I must admit the thought duck and pancakes made me salivate a little bit :(

One thing I need to stop doing is fight the craving for late night sweet snacks, cookies being the favourite. Spent a fiver 2 days ago on crap and ate it all in one go... I feel really ashamed of myself... :'(

Need to tidy up my typical art student pig sty of a room and posistion the exercise bike in a place where its easy to pull out a bit and hop on!
Finding the time to exercise is a little tricky these days seing as its the end of my college course and we're doing our final projects, not to mention im behind on a full unit (one whole sketch book and 4 weeks worth of non stop work)... Ive got this all to do in about 3 weeks... its just horrid. I really hope I wont fail, this years seen a lot of absenses due to having dozens of medical issues... its just one big horrible cycle :(

I need to set myself some goals soon, feel like I haven't really done much to start this journey.

Here's some pictures of me to show you what I look like now and what I used to look like a few years ago to see what is the target for me for next year:

Me Now:

Me Then - What I Want to look like again, at least! :

Think I'll set my goals this evening...



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I know how you feel hun, im doing my 12,000 word dissertation at the moment so have that to compete with which needs to be done in 5 weeks, i have 3 and a half chapters to finish and a job interview 2moro! we can do it im sure :)


Battling On!
Haha, no beauty sleep for us!! What are you studying? :)


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Battling On!
Thanks Back2Black :)
Ria. cool, I'm studying childcare come this september :)



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Lol we're all madly studying...always good times.

I'm a night time muncher as well, I've bought an epic bag of raisins and sultanas and some dried apricots. The raisins are awesome for quelling the munchies coz you can eat them like you're popping smarties or soemthing, lol.

I duno if it'll work if you've got dodgy feet, but I have gammy knees and I use an exercise trampoline, it has the same effect as running but it's much gentler on your joints. theyre pretty cheap as well, I wanted an exercise bike originally but the trampoline was much cheaper.

best wishes.


Battling On!
Back2black, paramore for me = best band ever!
Pink!, Godd I know... I can't wait to not be in education tbh! R.e. exercising Well im really lucky I have an exercise bike my uncle never used so at the moment im just going for short walks and then going on the bike when I get back for a little bit, doing some sit ups too :)
Dried fruit is reeealllly expensive :/ I'll see whether dad want's to treat me now and again lol. We live on a really low budget ya see :/
Hope things go well for you! xx


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Aw I'm on a pretty low budget too. Asda have a kg of raisins for under 2quid. They're normally in the baking section. Dried apricots are usually a bit more expensive, but you can't go wrong with raisins or sultanas :)

Walks are a good idea, that's what I do, exercise byt relatively easy. and free, cant forget the free, lol.

best wishes x


Battling On!
I shall have to take a trip to Asda's bakery section! :) lol xx
Hey AimeeLu! Good luck with your weight loss journey it is completely up to you re the diet. I have been on Weight Watchers, Alli and Atkins diet all before and nothing has ever worked better for me than what I am doing just now, eating healthy and going to the gym it's quite simple really eat less and move more! lol

Also, good luck re the studying! I left school 5 years ago and have worked full time since then and am now going back to college to study in september I am quite nervous! lol

Anyways, this forum is great for support and help. Are you doing a weekly weigh in? xx


Battling On!
Hey 3stonetogo, thanks!
Yeah i think I will be just being sensible with a diet, maybe once I get a little more diciplined start couting the calories too.
Yeah, college can be a pain in the ass when you get behind :(
Ah Cool, what are you studying?
Not yet, I think at the moment i wont be losing anything at all so its probablt pointless really... once i get more of an idea of what im doing i think ill set a day :) xx

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