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  1. Nuggett01

    Nuggett01 Member

    hey everyone, a little about me... I initially did the Cambridge diet back in 2012, I started 2 weeks after my wedding (duh) in the run up for beginning IVF, I wanted to give myself a good chance and my weight (as I was told) was a hinderance.....this was Nov 12... in march 2013 I had to stop... because I was PREGNANT :D the IVF had worked!! :) I had my beautiful daughter in November 2013! :)
    Iam now back for a 2nd (more serious) attempt to shift the pounds and have my 4th weigh in on sunday.... my aim is to go back to work from maternity in august and getting a WOW reaction.... and for other reasons (hopefully conceive naturally, fit comfortably into clothesetc) but for now I would just like to look and feel great!!! look forward to sharing stories :) :happy036:
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  3. Nuggett01

    Nuggett01 Member

    feeling headachey today... but going strong :) im doing SS+ so im going to have a pint of water and chicken and lettuce for lunch! feeling abit irritable today tbh and no idea why :( maybe im hungry? xx
  4. Nuggett01

    Nuggett01 Member

    so yesterday I resisted the urge to eat a whole (large) bag of skittles :woohoo:very proud of myself lol. Yesterday was hard (probably because I ate 2 sauasages the day before) but nevertheless feeling great today and drinking my water! ive gone on a 3 mile walk and plan to go for a run and start 30 day shred today as well as join the gym next week .... I think im maybe just a tad ambitious there :D I think this lovely weather is helping with my mood though, I tend not to struggle as much if I get out of the house and its nice :)
    Also- hopped on the scales this morning and according to them ive reached my stone loss exactly .... WI on sunday! xxx
  5. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    So rereading your diary...your little bubba must be about a month old than my bubba....! :D Freddie was born mid December! And time is already going too fast!!

    be really careful with your exercise where you're on so few calories..I've known people to say it can be detrimental to your weightloss and that would totally suck!! do you even have the energy to go for a three mile walk or do 30 day shred or so yes calories and looking after a baby?!!! I had to stop walking to school as I didn't have the energy lolol , mind you....any excuse!
  6. Nuggett01

    Nuggett01 Member

    yes she was born November 11th :) and perfect lol...... I dunno- my energy comes in fits and starts- im sure nice weather helps b/c you wouldn't get me walking that far when its raining lol :) ive also heard it can prevent weightloss or increase it, so I suppose its how your body reacts! I also have PCOS so knowing my body it wont loose weight as its so hard to anyway lol xxxx
  7. Nuggett01

    Nuggett01 Member

    had a horrible day 2 days ago I had a sandwich and then fish and chips for tea- finding it very hard not to get bored.. really need to find my determination again as people are now being to say I look slimmer :) so pleased... I just need to stay focused! :) xx

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