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Alchohol poisoning............a Christmas story


Last night DH and I went out for our annual Christmas party. We go back to the village where we grew up in Dublin and paint the town red. So I decided that I was going to break my ssing and have monkfish in the restaurant with some grilled tomatoes and 2 glasses of wine.

All went fine............ I didn't even finish the fish or tomatoes........the smell and taste were enough - anyway lulled into a false sense of security I went a bit mad with the wine - suffice to say we ended up in Nightclub thats owned by my next door neighbour. We had Santa hats on. Dh wanted to go home but I was too busy dancing .............

Well we got home at 2.30 (having been out since 6.30)
I had my children here this morning while poor DH went to work. I spent the morning vomitting water with my poor 4 year old minding me.............Theres a Christmas memory for the future........I am so ashamed of myself.....When DH got home I went to bed for a few hours. I still feel rotten - still can't even keep water down.

I am

1. A fool
2. Sorry I broke my diet beyond belief (hanging my head in shame)
3. Realise how dangerous it is to drink wine and champagne when your in ketosis and do not have a lined stomach
4. Have learnt my lesson.........

Happy Christmas and a word of warning...........KNOW THE ONE THATS ONE TOO MANY> !


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Oh Bettboo, sorry to hear that you poor thing. Sounds like you don't need anyone else shouting at you now, you are being your own judge !

Hope you feel better soon and crawl back on that diet wagon !
Melissa x
Oh poor Bettyboo. There is nothing quite like a hangover when you have drunk after being on Sole Source. It is the hangover from hell and takes ages before you feel better.

Still you have done it now and its over try to drink plenty of water, even if it comes back up and rehydrate yourself. You will feel better tomorrow.

Aww Bettyboo, hope you're feeling a bit better now. It's so easy to do & none of us can say we'd do anything different. As you say, you'll know next time;)

Take care
betty, you arent the only one, i too have spent the day throwing up from self inflicted madness, I am not in ketosis and feel appalling even now so I really feel for you, you will get better hun, sip the water x


Queen of the Damned
Oh dear, hope you are feeling better. Never had a hangover (just lucky I guess :cool: ) but can imagine how rough you are feeling xx
Oh dear - poor you! (yes I know you don't want sympathy but you're getting some anyway!)

Hope you're feeling better now and don't do it again!!!!!!!! (finger wag included lol).

Still not the Mae West this morning. I have learnt my lesson. Have to force down a shake..........eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww. Have a weigh in today.........am scared to go in case I still smell like a brewery........yes I have showered and brushed my teeth, gargled etc........but I can still smell drink.......ewwwwwwwwwwwwww


How was the weigh in hun, I stayed the same which was v lucky!!!!!!

I feel ok now, but, it took me till this aft to feel like me, 2 days to get over a hangover, never ever again ;)
When I went down the pharmacy was closed. Couldn't believe it. My Dh weighed me on my own scales at home and I am 4.5lbs down but I won't count it. Pharmacy open again the day after St Stephens Day - I will go then. Thankfully I have enough spare shakes over the last few weeks that I have enough to keep me going until then........


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