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alcohol advice!!! -which diet?

Hiya - ok I have dabbled with Cambridge diet but my problem is that I am a student, and being a student and not being able to go out at LEAST once a week is one of the most depressing things I have experienced, as it is the highlight of my life at the moment: just being able to dance, drink and socialise after a hard week's work - I have tried going out without the alcohol but it is thoroughly soul destroying. But I still would love to trim up a significant amount before summer. I'm thinking to lose 3 stone by July would be ideal and not entirely out of reach. What would be the best diet for this in which I can still have a drink or 5 once (maximum twice) a week? Any advice? Common sense tells me just eat healthily and exercise, but I'm not sure if this will shed the weight quick enough, as I am going to China with uni in July and it will be boiling hot (think 40 degrees or more!) - would love to lose a layer of fat and be able to wear v little clothing to keep cool without feeling paranoid about flab!!!

Thanks in advance :)

Hanna xx
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Can you drink on a VLCD? My impression was that they usually involve ketosis (probably just a silly presumption because of cambridge) so you couldnt...what kind of VLCD would you reccommend? I've not really done much research and when I do it just confuses me..I like to be told what to do, when I'm left to my own devises I'm no good (which was why cambridge was good for a while-its nice and clear cut!) - thanks for your VERY prompt reply by the way :D
NO! You cant drink alcohol on a VLCD, definitely not.

If you can deal with a slightly slower weight loss Id recommend WW for you. You can bank a few points a day for the weekend and have your drinks on a night out no problem.

If you cant and are desperate for a fast loss then you'll need to have a tee total few months lol

I couldnt comment on which VLCD to do as Ive never done one, I wouldnt last 10 mins lol

Good luck whatever you decide :)
Haha - tough decision!!! Well it's easter hols at the mo so the majority of people won't be back for about 3 weeks - I reckon if I start immediately, 3 weeks on a VLCD with no drinking would get me into the flow of it so I don't think I'll readily break it once everyone's back as I'll be deep enough into it to stick with it, so I may just have to manage tee-total-dom for a while and see how I do! What's 3 months out of a lifetime :)


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Yeah I would recommend SW or WW if you like to drink. With SW you can eat free food all week and save all your Syns for alcohol


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Hi :D

Think what tip top condition your liver will be in as well if it has a break from alcohol for a while ;):D:D


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Ok, i've just one question for you:

What do you want more; alcohol or to be 3stone lighter for summer?

To me the decision is crystal clear.

I did Slimming World as a student and still went out for a few drinks. I ate free foods during the week and saved my syns for a few drinks - nothing to heavy but it was flexible enough to let me do this and still lose weight!!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do

k x


i really don't know life

i have managed to lose nearly a stone in 2 months despite drinking at least once a week (and mostly more then 5 drinks lol!) i've also allowed myself treats and not stuck 100% to a healthy eating plan. i know you want to lose more than that but what i think the trick is, is probably to calorie count and incorporate your drinking into the calories for the week. also, exercise is definitely the key. if you incorporate one extra work out into your routine, that will counteract the drinking sesh. i've found that i've pretty much just lost the weight by exercising for an hour, 3 times a week.

hope it helps a little!

rhuba x

edited to say that summergurl has it spot on though!! it definitely depends on what you value more!
haha, yeah, I know. I think I will start a VLCD tomorrow. Then when I lose the 3 stone I will slowly shift to something more easygoing like WW, as I've still got a couple more stone to lose after that (but not so fussed about the last couple - I'll be on the home stretch then) Thanks for all the advice!! :)


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Dont do a vlcd if you are planning on having alcohol!!!!!
no no I know that - I'll be abstaining for the next 3 months!


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Good choice :)

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