alcohol advice


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i ate some chips on the day of my night out, and some prawns and i had over 6 pints and was fine!
i had read that its not actually been in ketosis that causes problems, its drinking on an empty stomach,( when i was on atkins we was allowed to drink in ketosis)


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Best thing I can recommend is have a jacket potato the night before then a bit of toast for breakfast so you can be pretty sure you're still out of ketosis as I know some people can have carbs then be back in ketosis just a few hours later (lucky blighters!!!:p).


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would 100% reccommend having something the night before..

i went out whilst still in ketosis.. i had proper porridge before i went out thinking it would line my stomach and knock me out of it but it didnt.

and i only had 2 glasses of wine and i was SO drunk i cant remember anything and i can normally drink BOTTLES of wine and not be that bad. so be careful... i thought people were being overly serious about the dangers of alcohol but i learnt first hand its very bad when in ketosis and doing sole source. if i hadnt have been out with such a good mate i dread to think what could have happened!