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alcohol and weightloss


Here for the Journey
Naughty but Nice

Hi KazzyH4
I'm Gem and into losing weight by healthy eating and optimum nutrition BUT I also fess up to an illicit relationship with chocolate and alcohol. That's not to say I spend my life stuffing my face full of chocolate and getting Brahms and Lizst (?) but I enjoy so I allow in small quantities and not all the time. So don't feel bad about it just don't get carried away (or out of the pub!)
Gem x


Gold Member
Hiya gem

ive not been carried out of pub at least not that im aware of lol

all things in moderation eh

maybe if i get the food side of things right and the alcohol side of things will just slip in naturally eventually



Here for the Journey
Yep Kazzy. I think that's just about it. Deprive yourself too much and I've found self-righteousness and satisfaction gives way to more negative thoughts and positive attitudes shift llbs. Just be honest with yourself about your intake and you should be able to compensate for it ok.
Think beautiful thoughts
Gem x:vibes:


Here for the Journey
To think beautiful is to be beautiful - You radiate from the inside out. Keep smiling - everyone will wonder what your secret is
Gem X


Here for the Journey
Oh Sorry - Hi nursebex - I haven't met you before. Gem x :)


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Depends what diet you are on I guess. I imagine that if you are on a VLCD then sniffing wine gums would knock you out but I still drink when I want to and it has no adverse affect on my weight loss. The only thing that stops me drinking is my job!


Here for the Journey
Hi nursebex
Loving the forum - everyone is SO friendly and supportive.

Hi Taz
Nice to meet you across the airwaves and thanks so much for your comment
Gem x :D


Here for the Journey
Thanks Taz - enjoying it so far ;) Gem x


Here for the Journey
Hi Taz - Problem is the forum doesn't pay the bills. Still cyber-space is good - although I'm very new I've orbited quite a bit
Gem x:)
this forum is addictive lol theres always new messages to read and ppl to meet

And gem i love the saying think beautiful thoughts it brought a huge smile to my face


Here for the Journey
Hi Kazzy. Glad I made you smile :). If love changes everything, love yourself a little more every day and you can move mountains (and I've got mountains to move I can tell you - ha!). Give yourself a hug :hug99:
Gem x


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Gemstone how did you get your ticker on there I've got over 30 post but am confused on how to do it any help would be gr8t ta


Here for the Journey

Hi Lacie
Just go to tickerFactory.com and it will take you through it. It's a cut and paste job. Any probs get back. It'll soon be ticking those llbs off for you
Gem x :)

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