Alcohol / exersise diarhea


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Hello dukanittes, hoping someone might be able to share their wisdom with me as im feeling a bit poorly. I have been dukaning for 2 weeks and have lost 10 pounds (yay!).

As a celebrtion of my acheivement and to aviod a bing , i decided to have a few dribks last night (about 6 vodkas and diet coke) - i know i know its not allowed, but a girl does need a treat! Anyway this was after my dinner of about 15 king praws and white fish (all dukan friendly) . I felt a bit tips but totally fine this morning - so good i went to the gym!

Herein lies the problem - during my cardio workout and some running, i had these horribke pains in my stomach and had to (well u can imagine given the title of my post) i went back for some light weight work and had to leave again for the toilet and decided that i had to stop and go home with immediate effect (leaving my poor friend there without a lift home)

Anyway, do you think it was the alcohol or excersise? I dont think it was dinner(??)
Thank u
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All of the above?

Running/exercise can well stimulate the bowels (I do know that from personal experience...), and who knows what the alcohol will have done (I never tried to find out!) as 6 vodkas in one evening sounds like quite a dose to me!

If it really was the food itself (if it was off whatever) then you'd probably have been throwing up a lot sooner!

Also as you probably know the dukan diet is not exactly good for regular bowel movements - once every few days is what most people end up with. So when that happens, if it's been a bit 'too long' you might well experience the kind of symptoms you had, your body trying to get rid of everything it can...


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S: 13st9lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st12lb(6.28%)
Thank you for replying. Im feeling a bit better but im sure it was the deamon drink - maybe the running just spurred it on! I have leart my lesson well and truely and hope that my experience will tell others that there is a reason why your not allowed alcohol on plan!


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Red wine is a natural laxative for me, so I'd say a combo of alcohol and exercise! Last time I was doing dd I found that I'd have the odd pp day when everything would go through me like an express train - I googled ketosis and found that diarrhoea can be a symptom of that too, though I never did get to the bottom (excuse the pun!) of what was causing it for me...