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Alcohol question

If I have to drink alcohol, does anyone know what would be the best? I am a red wine/vodka drinker, I don't think vodka and soda will work... Suddenly I have some pretty big parties coming up, over the next 4 weekends all but 1 I'll get away with soda water, but the other one I know I'll have to have 1 or 2 (this particular group don't know I'm doing the diet, and we only meet twice a year, so the next time I'll be a lot slimmer).

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I think alcohol is a big no no, could you not pretend to have an upset stomach or maybe drive? XX
Post-exercise ketosis, ketone bodies

Alcohol is a powerful inhibitor of gluconeogenesis. In fact, it forces part of the gluconeogenic metabolic process into reverse. This means that if all the glucose in the blood is being derived from gluconeogenesis then the consumption of alcohol will inevitably cause the blood glucose level to fall. Worse still, the alcohol also stops ketone body production, thus leaving the brain entirely without fuel.
A person who is ketotic is 100% reliant on gluconeogenesis to maintain adequate levels of glucose in the blood. If, under these circumstances alcohol is taken, the person will become disorientated and might lose consciousness, not just from the alcohol, but from low blood sugar. Needless to say, this could be very dangerous, and even fatal.
Alcohol does not have these effects if the glycogen stores in the liver are normal. Under these circumstances the blood glucose level in the blood is maintained by the breakdown of liver glycogen, a process that is not influenced by alcohol. If a person becomes confused under these circumstances it is due simply to the pharmacological effects of the alcohol
Hi Lynseyloo,

I don't think it's safe to drink alcohol at all. I've been going out regularly and drinking sparkling water all night. I usually drink wine when out but so far it hasn't been a big deal to anyone that I'm not drinking alcohol. You shouldn't risk drinking unless you're going to refeed prior to the night out.
Hope it works out whatever you decide.
Hi Lynsey the alcohol issue is a difficult one.

You are not supposed to drink while in ketosis as it is suposed to be dangerous. You must refeed so that you are out of ketosis before you have anything alcoholic.

I would suggest a refeed of at least 2 days before you have a drink but you should check up with your LT advisor to be sure. Spirits are supposed to be the best, rather than lager or wine, with low calorie mixers.

I hope it goes well for you, as I have had some alcohol over the last few weeks. This has now, most definitely come to an end - shucks!!! :):):)
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Wow, it didn't realise it could be more damaging then food, thanks everyone, especially Daisy, that was a real eye opener.

I couldn't get away dodgey tummy or driving as staying over for 2 nights of hard partying, I'll don't want to refeed so I'll do sparkling water both nights.

Thanks all, that was the kick up the arse I needed xx
thats good if you make the decision to steer clear, its what i would do

not touched a drop of alcohol on LT just to be safe
im havin a drink 4 my 21st in 2 weeks n im havin a small meal friday night n a small meal saturday nite, my pharmacist says its fine x

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