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alcohol vs diet

Drinking was the main reason I got so big, that then the pigging out when pissed :)
Drinking was the main reason I got so big, that then the pigging out when pissed :)
Lots can relate to that! Me included, well its how I used to be anyway :)

I think for alot of people, its not about food, its about what they are drinking. Mums drinking bottles of wine of an evening, its "only" wine so its ok right? Nope, its not ok to drink wine! Not a bottle in one sitting a few times a week.

How is going on a "diet" going to fix this? It wont
The demons of drink will only get worce, since the worlds in money trouble and supermarkets are selling booze so cheap, people have really been over doing the drink, in the local paper theres a story about a alcoholic 14 year old, how do u get hoooked at that age, he claims he started drinking due to being depressed
It's not good, but as drinking isn't seen as bad unless you are an alcoholic laying in the gutter. Alcoholics can look normal and hold down jobs and run a family too! Just drinking too much is just as bad and hurts those around you

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Very true, unfortunatly people will die over christmas/newyear due to alcohol,

Saying that i will be having the odd drink over xmas, ill just make my other half drive lol


Les Mills Fitness Freak
single JD and diet coke is around 55 calories


Les Mills Fitness Freak
think its a similar amount for most spirits, i only remember the JD one. saw it on the wetherspoons drinks menu under skinny drinks

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