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Aldi Bargain....... never again!


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Just a rant really!

Went to Aldi on Tuesday to buy a lettuce as they were only 39p this week. Opened it up on Wednesday night and it had gone all "funny". So much for a bargain, had to throw it all out and none of it was edable!

Shall I trust Aldi again and assume it was a one off?!?!?!? or shop elsewhere??? :confused:
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assume it was a one off, if they were all like that no one would buy them. You should have taken it back though or rang them x
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That's funny you should say that.... I had exactly the same this week! I bought loads of fruit and veg from aldi and it was all beautiful (and still going!) apart from the lettuce!

Although saying that, the icebergs i've had from tesco, and a market last week, have been exactly the same. I don't think they keep very well at all. Or maybe the growers are having problems? Am steering clear of the icebergs from now on anyway.... I think rocket and spinach and those other peppery leaves last really well in comparison, and they're much tastier!


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I had that with one bought at co-op. Just recently I've been buying mixed leaf bags of lettuce, adds colour and flavour to salads:)


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I'd say assume it was a one off and try it again. I would mention it to someone next time you're in there though. Maybe they're having trouble with suppliers.
I have found Aldi's fruit and vegetables to be very "hit and miss".

I bought two of the lettuces on Monday and while they were OK, they did taste very bitter; a problem I have never had with an iceberg lettuce before. I have eaten one of them, but I was going to have the second one for my lunch today and I think I might not bother.

I also got some baby plum tomatoes, which are very nice, some celery which is fine, and a few other things which seem to be OK. The carrots look a bit off, though, and might not last long.


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I'm afraid I find that no matter where I shop :(
Best lettuice I have found is a mixed leaf one from Asda's.

It is still attatched to the root so stays fresh for ages - well as long as I don't eat it all to fast that is :)


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I wouldn't say it was a one off.. especially with their 'Super Six'.. when it was the cherries and necturines 3 weeks ago I went in and nearly every punnet I picked up had mouldy ones in. Really had to dig through to find a punnet with all fresh ones and then kept them in the fridge to keep them okay!.. Didn't notice one of the necturines was mouldy and the cashier picked it up and said you might want to change this one and it was REALLY furry!

Just check what you are picking up.. at the same point I brought some of the £1 storkless cherries from Morrisons yesterday and a couple were moudly.. I guess with all the hot weather if they are refridgerated then there will be these issues with any fruit or veg
funny you should say that last Sunday (not the one just gone the one before) I went in and bought apples, pears, and satsumas along with some plums id say when I got home I had to chuck at least half away and the others didnt last past Tuesday. I wont be buying veg from Aldi again
Just a little tip ive learnt from Jamie Oliver - once you've cut a lettuce (as long as its a nice fresh one!!) get a clean teatowel and wrap it in that before putting it in fridge-lasts ages ;-) as the plastic wrapping make it go 'funny'


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I'm very picky what I get at Aldi. I've often found the grapes tasteless. Soft fruit don't last long. But their tomatoes, (vine) have been fine. Cherry tomatoes I find grow fluff! The cherries however were beautiful! I find Lidl better, and our local greengrocer better still. eg 5 HUGE baking potatoes £1! Great for SW wedges and chips.
Salad leaves are easy to grow in a container. 1 pack of seeds would give you weeks of greens!
I'm lucky in that I have loads of room and grow quite a bit of veg. I haven't had to buy lettuce or cucumber for 4 weeks now and it won't be long till my tomatoes
,courgettes, spring onions and french beans will be ready.
Having said that the growing season this year is difficult. Bitter lettuce means it is about to go to seed.


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I love Aldi fruit and veg and i've never had a problem with their salad it may have just been a one off hun.
The only thing i prefer to get elsewhere is potatoes :)

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