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Aldi sucralose sweetener, same as splenda?

I am asking as I know some sweeteners have an ingredient which is bad for you - always gaved me headaches (though I can't remember said ingredients name!) and because of this I have stuck to Splenda.

I read that they are exactly the same, can anyone confirm this and that is the same ingredients as Splenda?

Sorry if this is daft but I just wanted to be sure :)
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splenda contains maltodextrin and sucralose.

I would doubt they are exactly the same, as I would assume that exact measurements of those ingredients and they way various brands are produced will differ slightly, but a sucralose based sweetener will definately be close.
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the sweetner that is bad for you is called Aspartame, its also in diet drinks, even in some flavoured waters

Artificial Sweeteners Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - Aspartame: What are the cons on MedicineNet

check this out. it can cause headaches, dizziness, anxiety, some even say it can cause bowl cancer - apparently over time it slowly poisons you???? i'm no doctor so i wouln't know but i do try to stay awat from artificial sweetners were poss. i use splenda if i need to use sweetner as it has natural products i didnt know aldi did one i shall buy some next time i'm there :)


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Tesco do a sucralose based sweetener too
I once ate some Werthers, no sugar (aspartame filled) sweets and I blew up like a balloon. I was so full of wind and blubber I had to stay home! I also experienced this with SlimFast.

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