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Alice In Plymouthland!!

No freaking way!! Guess what I found out today?!?!

Disney are remaking Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp is the most likely lead for the Mad Hatter. Yeah, cool but not the coolest bit...

Guess where they're supposed to be filming it?! Go on, guess!!

Plymouth!! Now, where is it that I live? Ready to guess again... dun dun duuuuhhhhhhh.... PLYMOUTH!!!

They're going to be casting for extras and they want girls with naturally coloured long hair...



Too bad I'm far too shy to go up and have a go really - been terrified of audition type-things since as far back as I can remember!

Still, it's all very exciting!!! :D:D:D

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Go on! Go on! Go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p
Casting is next week and no one is going to cast a short heffer lol
If I was at target or even near target I reckon I'd be one of the first in line next week but I just can't see them casting anyone over a size 12/14 (for the younger parts anyway and I barely look 20 never mind my actual age)


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get ur magic knickers on woman and give em a twirl!!! ya never know!!!! gotta be in it to win it!!!!! :D


on the up lol
how do u know wot they want unless u try ?
u should go , it would be fun and who knows ey ;)
Go for it Gemma, for us!



Lovin' those ketones!!
I saw this on the news too and I nearly fell off the sofa!!! My next thought was "it's not April 1st is it???!" :D

I bloody LOVE Johnny Depp!! And he's coming to my home town!! OMG OMG OMG!

If I wasn't a short fat heffer I'd go along too... if only it was The Wizard of Oz instead, I could be a Munchkin!! Or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I'd be a perfect Oompa-Loompa!! Lol!! :D

Mind you, Alice in Wonderland is pretty surreal, maybe being weird looking (freakishly short and fat) would be an advantage lol! :D

If you go I'll go :p


Lovin' those ketones!!
Lol, cool!

Have to continue this later... gotta get to work, I'm late, I'm late...

Hey, I could be the White Rabbit! Lol! :D




Says it as it is!!!
Go Gemma, go gemma go gemma!!!1 you have to go and have a go
Rubbish :( Medea and I were gonna go to the casting tomorrow but she just text me to tell me they are turning away girls with fringes. Well I have a bloody fringe and so does she. :( Well upset now :(
hmmmm how sad, I would have gone just for the hell of it, but thought id better not with a new baby...lol. I have just seen the queue on tv ....lol.
Yeah, I just read on thisisplymouth that the queue reached all the way down to Jesters!! :eek:

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