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  1. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Well, I survived the first 6 days, felt really proud, but at work, I got up from desk, and blacked out. Next thing I knew I was on the floor feeling a wally with about 10 people round me including a first aider with a defibrulator!

    So there first thing was to get sugar into me. I have been to the doctor and he had told me to eat and to come off the diet. I don't know what to do. Do I go against the quack and carry on? My boss has told me off and has said I must eat, my health is at risk and thats my body's way of telling me to stop.
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  3. Angelchops

    Angelchops Full Member

    Would the doctor let you try the 790 programme? I feel really sorry for you, but I guess your GP has only got your best interests at heart.
  4. flirty40greeneyes

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    Sorry to hear you blacked out.

    How far apart were you having your shakes??? Maybe your blood sugar went too low. How about halving the packs and having them more often and maybe doing 790plan where you have a meal as well for awhile.

    Is your Doctor doing checks on you?? If so you must go with what he says .... but it hapened to me, and I did as above and now I'm fine.

    Hope you are ok. xxx
  5. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    He wants me to stop and do a "sensible" diet. :(
  6. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I have already done that from the start, having half a pck, then half a pack. I had only had my shake about 10 mins before it happened
  7. Mrs V

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    :flowers: Awww, Hun, I really hope you are feeling better!

    Do you have much more weight to loose?
    Have you thought about trying SW or WW, until you get to a weight you want??? At least you can eat sensibly and loose weight.

    Take it easy.


  8. SteveM

    SteveM Silver Member

    I have the same thing - never quite blacked out, but felt like I was going to. My Doc has said the same, and I have to go with what he says. He has been totally supportive of the diet up to now (how can he not when I have shifted in excess of 6st even now when I have put a little back on), but he ran blood test on me and my fasting blood sugars we low and "gave him cause for concern". He has told me to stop the diet immediately too .....
  9. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    At least I am not the only one! Now I have to phone my CDC and explain to her I am not coming back and that is so hard!
  10. Vicx

    Vicx Reduction!!!!

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    Oh hun, your CDC will understand, your health is the important thing:grouphugg:big hugs Vx
  11. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    It could be that you were hypoglycaemic before you started if so you should work down to a VLCD with your sugars being monitored rather than do SS immediately.

    If hypoglycaemic the minimum recommended is 1500 cals. As with SteveM I gave advice earlier if you follow the 1500 cals diet good low gi food and 1 pack then monitor your sugar levels. You may find you can after a couple of weeks come down to 1200 and so on.

    Have a chat to your CDC and look at the 1500 cal programme in your yellow weightcare with cambridge booklet.

    It is dangerous for your blood sugars to fall so low and with the higher programme diet this should not happen.

    We have many diabetics using CD, however, it is always with GP involvement at starting at higher programme working down to allow your body to adjust.

    I think with Steve M it was time for him to move up the plans as he was not that far away from target.

    Hope you both feel better soon.

  12. Sweetpea

    Sweetpea Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    You don't say whether your GP actually tested your blood sugar and blood pressure? Was there somthing actually wrong with on of them or is this the case of a GP who thinks everyone should folow the Govt guidelines on how much and what we should eat?

    Normally you would be aware of being hypo because your body kind of trembles inwardly and your body then often tells you that you need sugar by creating a craving for it. (I had a few hypos 18 years ago from time to time when I was on CD). You should be checked properly to find out exactly why you fainted. It may be that you naturally have low blood pressure and any diet will reduce your BP.

    A lot of GPs know nothing about CD and would regard it as a fad diet but it might be worth remembering that GPs are just that - General Practitioners who ar not experts on nutrition.

    We do all suffer some symptoms when we first go on CD and if we all stopped there wouldn't be many of us left on the diet. Having said that if there is something actually wrong with you as a result of the diet then it would be better to go onto a different diet.

    Just thinking it's easy for people with misconceptions about the diet to blame it quickly when it could be something else entirely.
  13. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

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    Isn't it interesting though, that the diet's been blamed first? There are quite a few reasons why you might have passed out.

    If you passed out like you said you did, it's more likely to have been due to a sudden drop in blood pressure than low blood sugars. That could happen if you were dehydrated, or if you're taking certain medications.

    Not that I'm saying you should ignore medical advice, of course I'm not. But it might be worth querying whether there could be any other explanation or whether they've just immediately jumed to an easy conclusion. I'd love to say that that doesn't happen, but as a former nurse, married to another nurse, I've seen and heard about quite a few messed-up diagnoses.

    Anyway, take it easy for now, and don't lose heart. You'll find a way to lose the weight if you really want to.

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  14. Sweetpea

    Sweetpea Full Member

    Cambridge Diet

    I get dizzy from time to time on the diet and feel faint (but never have done) - a bit like how you go sometimes if you get up too fast. It doesn't happen often now - the last time was, oops, yesterday. I do have lowish BP anyway.
    I know you're not a doctor but do you think I should be concerned about this (I'm actually not). I don't want to come off this diet.

    My brother is a type II diabetic - but surely it's better to be on a diet than to be overweight which is what causes type II I understand.
  15. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Hi Sweetpea, I'm the same as you, I have lowish BP anyway and I get terrible dizzy spells and shaking when I stand up. My GP advised it was just low BP (postural hypertension I think?) and wasn't worried about it. I did almost pass out once but it's my own fault for jumping about! However, if anyone is worried by any symptoms they should deffo take their GP's advice.
  16. SteveM

    SteveM Silver Member

    SweetPea - if it only happens to you occasionally, then I would not worry unduly. The only reason that I went to the Doc is because I had never had anything like this before ever, and it was happening to me regularly, several times a day. My fasting blood sugars were v. low the Doc said, registering at 2.7 (could be 2.4 because the Doc's writing is atrocious), and he said that could be a sign that I am pre-diabetic, and that is what gave him concern. I did say to him that I thought I would have been more likely to get that when I was 18st 5lbs rather than now at 12st 5lbs and losing .... he just said that such things can strike anyone. I know that to be true because my wife is an insulin dependent diabetic, and she is only 9st (handy though for the ketostix as she gets 'em free :)).

    Anyway, my blood sugars were low, but also he said that my BP was low as well 114/57 I think it was ..... so lord knows what it would be if I was relaxed and not at the Doc's. He did say that that would have to be monitored as well.

    I'm sure that being a bit low is better than almost blowing the top off their machine which is what I used to do when I was a big boy!
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  17. alipally

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    Postural hypotension is common amongst followers of VLCD's and can sometimes cause fainting...
    I get it anyway, regardless of the diet I follow... feels like a real headrush followed by black spots... IYKWIM!!

    Anyhow, for me the best thing is to make sure that I had drank enough water :tear_drop: through the day and to get up slowly in the morning! And yes it was worse when I was on Sole source..:(

    If your blood sugar is to blame then it's a case of taking some expert advice regarding VLCD's. With all due respect to both your GP's, they're not dieticians and have minimal training in nutrition during their time at Med school.... Ask for a referral to a dietician to get some well informed, research based advice on the best way to proceed to your target weights....

    I hope that this helps a bit...
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  19. SteveM

    SteveM Silver Member

    I will be talking to my friend who is a nutritionist next week ..... but she will just say "told you so" ...... as she has been anti this diet ever since I started LL last January.

    I know what she is gonna tell me to do because I have heard it all before ... many times :)
  20. mommysue

    mommysue Silver Member

    how long have you been on the diet ??? ask your gp to do blood test for hba1c. this shows what your blood sugars having been doing for 3 months ( all to do with cell cycle, cos the celss die and new ones made in a 12 week period ) clever stuff. a normal bm would be between 3 and 7. so fasting bloods of 2.4 or .7 are alittle below the norm . you could always use ur wifes bm machine and check your blood sugars 3 times a day. do it pre meal or pre shake !
    get ur health right first
    makes me shudder a first aider with a defib !!!! mind even they tell you what to do step by step !!!! the defib not first aider....
  21. skinnymonkey1day

    skinnymonkey1day Silver Member

    slimming world
    sorry to hear about you passing out. sometimes i go light headed when i am drinking the water strange but true, i know u need the water but it makes me go dizzy ......
  22. SteveM

    SteveM Silver Member

    Well, I have been eating healthily but normally since Wednesday now. Have put on a shed load of weight (6 lbs) due to glycogen and water, but as suggested have been testing my sugars with my wife's machine, and it has never fallen below 5 ....... so I am contemplating being naughty and going back to what I was doing. I know a lot of the goodness has been undone in the last few days, but I can get back there again in the same number .......
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