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All I seem to do on here is moan, so sorry!!

My dad once again upsetting me....telling me I'm at least 3 stone overweight. I'm 5'11'' and I don't think 11 stone 11 is THAT much overweight. Anyway, being that it's a touchy subject with me it has left me feeling so so down. Right now just wish I could chop off the fat! (don't we all I guess!?). Don't even want to be seen by people as it is because of my weight, but I think he thinks he is helping and not making it worse......Anyway- hopefully the next time I write it will be after a successful weigh in.....! Sorry people, just had no where else to turn! xx:mad:
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Hang on a minute, you have a BMI of 21.5? and your dad thinks you are overweight? Tell him he needs to go to specsavers and quick, if you lost half a stone never mind 3 stone you would be verging on medically underweight. You couldnt possibly lose that much weight.

You have the perfect weight as you are, what clothes size are you? What weight do you think you should be?
Sorry I need to figure out how to change my bmi...put on a stone since then, lost a few pounds over the last 2 weeks though. It's weird because even when I am within the right bmi I am still overweight (I know I'm not imagining it!). I'm a size 14 really, not always comfortably, especially not now. I was never too bothered about other people, I was doing it for me- so I felt happier, but that extra stone has really lowered the self esteem!


On A Mission!
Ok well if you have put on a stone then yes you need to lose a stone lol.

Your BMi is still within range though, but look, you are 5.11. At that height you will not have a small frame, and there is nothing you can do about that, you cannot change your basic skeleton, so a size 14 on you is a size 10 or 12 on people with a smaller frame. Im 5 7, but i have inherited my fathers big boned frame, so i can never be smaller than a 14 either unless i lost stupid amounts of weight.

Stop worrying about what your dad has to say about your weight, its none of his business anyway, you are big enough and old enough to take care of yourself. If you need to lose a stone then yeah, maybe you do, but 3 stone? never!
Just a bit disheartening when it comes from my dad. Worry enough about what other people think of me, so if my family are saying things- god knows about other people! You've made me feel much better anyway so thankyou :)!
Hi - I know it can be horrible when family members say things about how you look, but it really may be better to ignore your dad!

At 5'11'', the minimum clothes size you could wear and be healthy would be a 12 - so you're really not far off your ideal. At your height, I'm sure you look fantastic at your current weight, and you're healthy. Don't let other people get to you.

Hi. Just a quick question. I noticed your the same height as me, may i ask what size you wear at 11 stone 11? i just trying to get an idea of what weight would be what size if u get what i mean.
Thanks xx
Hi. Just a quick question. I noticed your the same height as me, may i ask what size you wear at 11 stone 11? i just trying to get an idea of what weight would be what size if u get what i mean.
Thanks xx
Hi :), at 11stone 11 I wear sizes 14-16. I know then when I am 11 stone I am comfortably in a 14 though.

And thanks everyone!

Miss Mango

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Hey hun, I totally know what you mean when family members get on at you to lose weight. My mum does the same to me and I have to say it really, really gets on my nerves. Having her saying "Oh you're overweight mind" or "You need to lose some weight" Or "Your legs are a big chunky at the tops" REALLY makes me annoyed and irritated.

My mum may be trying to help me but I find it deeply aggravating and I wish she would just leave me alone to do my own weight loss in the time that it takes me. My mum is twice the size of me and will not lose the weight so I don't really think she should be getting on at me for it!

Sorry I went off on a tangent there, lol. Your dad must make you feel awful by saying that to you. Sometimes parents can poke their noses in too much eh!! :p


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its hard when family pick on things like that isnt it....
my dad was the same and alwways used to tell me "you've gained weight, your face is fat, change your top you look fat in it" ect....

always being put down for it, and then hed stare at my belly if my top wa s abit tight and make a comment like "that top looks too small fatty"

and i so want your height! but yeah, your tall, so if you slimmed down 3 stone that'd make you 8st 11, and dangerously underweight....
Yep, I don't even remember the last time I weighed that! I just want to fit nicely into clothes and be happppppy, wouldn't matter to me what size I was aslong as I was happy. I know parents try to help, but sometimes not in the right way- or so I have found! Just got to ignore them I suppose and get on with it but that's so much easier said!
Aww, that's awful hon, my mum's the same, I'm either too fat or too thin, I can't win!! When I challenge her about the way she says things she gets all upset and says she's not being horrible, she just can't keep her opinions to herself!
Sending hugs xx

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