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All Inclusive Holiday...

I'm slowly becoming filled with dread rather than excitement!

I'm considering tattooing the words "DON'T DO IT" to the inside of my eyelids, or "DON'T FEED THE FAT GIRL" in spanish on my forehead!!!

I am so scared of leaving "rational" Lindsey at gatwick airport and the old "I can gain a stone in two weeks" Lindsey getting off the plane in the dominican republic.

I wish I could take my scales with me, I don't trust myself to know when I have gone too far and need to avoid the buffet for a few days!!!

Any ideas on what I can do to remain in control and at the very least maintain my weight on holiday?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Blimey....thats gonna be hard work!! Id make sure you drink plenty of water during the day time and try and have something light for lunch, maybe salads with fish or lean meat!!

Im guessing there's a pool there so try and do as much swimming as you can to allow yourself a few extra calories for the day!

But the thing is, it is your holiday, you work hard all year for a break away and shouldnt have to think about what you're eating all the time!! Enjoy yourself but just in moderation!! :)
I agree with the above comments! :)

But what I'd say is just go, eat whatever the heck you like and enjoy it!!!! You only get one life, live it! Why let food stop you from enjoying yourself?? It's only 2 weeks, you've got your entire life to make up for it right?! :p

Go, enjoy yourself, eat lots of food, treats, sweets etc etc, HAVE FUN! :D

Then just get back on track as soon as you come back! :)

hi ,

well i was the same as you last year when i went on a carribean cruise,i was dieting and worried that i would put all the weight back on..i ate whatever i wanted but i also tried to walk everywhere and tried to eat more fruit,i did indulge in cakes everytime ,pancakes with choc sauce for brekkie,and cream cakes at other times,but i only put on 2 pounds in the 2 weeks i was away for.... i was so shocked ,i usually put on 10 pounds...lol..just enjoy urself and try to move about ,go for a walk etc and you will be surprised...xx

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