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All these temptations


This past week Ive sat there with my soup whilst people around me have been eating chips, kebabs and KFC !!!! Dont get me wrong, they said that they wont have them as I cant and they didnt want to tempt me but I said "No. If you want it, you have it. I cant expect everyone to not have what they want just because I cant have it." (Must admit though the KFC was VERY tempting. But I made it.
Is it just me, or after a while (Im in week 4) do all the soups start tasting samey (like sludge) ?? Its probably just me but just wondered what everyone else thought.
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The Diet Guy
Hello :)

I found the soups just became a way of life to me after a few weeks bud.

You are doing fantastically!! You are on the quick trip to being slim and I hope you enjoy the rest of the ride.



Has been AWOL
I'm in week 3 and totally gone off the soups.. am gonna avoid them for a couple of weeks and see if I like them again! shame really, they were handy for warming my hands up at work!!!
I've been good at avoiding temptation, even the chocs that were at work today, not sure I'd have managed the KFC though, well done!!!!
Apart from Spicy tomato which I find tastes sweet, thin and terribly uninteresting; I like all the others BUT I do vary them by adding herbs, or tabasco, pepper and the like as long as it is a permitted extra. Coriander leaf is very successful for me and generally no two days are the same. If you haven't already give it a try.
Just had to add Paul - I am a huge BOXER fan. My little girl Jo died 2 years ago at the great age of 13yrs. I love your avatar.
WELL DONE on resisting such temptations especially KFC!! I kinda went off the soups after about 3/4 weeks and switched to choccie tetras which is what I lived on for the remainder of SS.



Silver Member
Great doggies Paul- the love of my life as a wee girl was my aunties huge boxer - so big they'd sit me on her! Then I was auntie to another boxer ***** before I had my own 2 dogs.
Anyways- I love the soups but vary them. Friday night for example will be curry night- chicken and mushroom with tikka curry powder added.


Totally Focused
I went off soups after 3 weeks. I keep a few oriental chilli ones in just in case I should fancy one, but I now stick to shakes and tetras - and bars for when I am out and about. If I get cold or hungry between meals I have a cup of hot bouillon and that fills me up.
I no it can be hard ,my other half was eating indian last night,smelt so lovely and there was me sitting next to him with an hot choc tetra,i said why would i want that when i can have atetra and be slim!!:D
On my first day I was out of the office so didnt have the usuall take away food smells! The second day the office has kebab, chips n burgers between them...oh it was tempting but not temptin enough to make me have even one chip!!! Was impressed with myself - I can refuse!! Yesterday the office has choclates on our desks for clean desks policy reward and chicken n chips and still I had my shake!! The smells were soooo inviting!

Other half had fry up this morning and the house smelt wondeful!! But I really didnt want any, have done a test and am in ketosis now on day 4!!
We get free 3 course lunches cooked hot or salad bar at work and I can honestly say I have not been down to the dining room since I started mid October 07. The weekends can be hard though when my Mum, hubby and son go eat in an Italian restaurant. I try and encourage them to have Macdonalds, because I don't like that.

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