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allowances for teenage son?

I hope someone can help me here.

My son wants to lose about 2 stone and is more than happy to do SW with me but can't get to class because he works. He's 19 yrs old.

I've tried the SW site including the student zone but can't find out about how many healthy extra a's and b's he can have and how many syns he should have.

anyone got any idea?
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I'm not certain Annie, but I think at 19 there wouldn't be any extra allowances. I think the "free2go" programme for kids is up to 16 years old.

I know on that plan they don't weigh or measure anything at all and don't limit A's and B's but are encouraged to make healthier switches and limit "treats" or reduce them.

I think he should just follow the plan normally but really really fill up on the free foods.
Jaylou is right Annie. He is classed as an adult so should hav the same He's as you. Wish him good luck and he will loose 2 stone in no time at all!
Thanks ladies. I thought the syns were the same but for some reason I thought they were allowed an extra HexB. No idea how that got into my head LOL

Bless him though.. he's just phoned from the butchers asking if I wanted some SW sausages bringing home (our butcher makes lovely syn free sausages). I said yeah, get a fiver's worth, he said no, I'll get a tenners worth, I'll eat them too LOL. I do freeze some btw, we won't pig them all in one go :D
Awww thats considerate of him!!! I wish that our butcher did syn free sausages too!
Thanks ladies. I thought the syns were the same but for some reason I thought they were allowed an extra HexB. No idea how that got into my head LOL
Because he is your baby! You hoped he could have extra...Awww. I bet his weight will DROP off, being male and young. Bless him.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, good luck to your boy, the weight will drop off him. I agree with everything said above and i would also suggest that he have his full15 syns per day as you is a young lad who will prob burn a lot of energy xx
Thanks folks.

He's a good lad. He's never given me any bother. If he gets drunk he stays at his girlfriends house so I don't see him in a state or throwing up LOL.

He should burn it off quite quick. He works full time and is also a guitarist in a band and they practice and gig quite a bit.

He was always a chubby kid but then slimmed down when he got to 17, then became legal to drink at 18 and whacked the weight back on again

He's not happy now being on stage the size he is, that's why he wants to lose it. Plus he wants to be a rock god! Kids eh LOL.

I think once he cuts the drink out and the pizza's he won't have to try too hard to get the weight off. I cook all his main meals, so he wants to eat the same meals as me. It's great to have a bit of support :)

craftylucyloo, maybe it was like that years ago and that's perhaps where I've got the idea that they could have more from.

Thanks again everyone :D
wish your son luck for me hun plz xx

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