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Discussion in 'Paleo / Primal Diet' started by Donzy84, 17 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Right one for the experts....

    Gonna pick up one of the giant bags of almonds how do I make almond butter and ground almonds? Do I need a hardcore processor or will my ken wood do? Also do they need to be blanched or can I use the brown ones x

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  3. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Brown ones are perfect for almond butter and also fine for ground if you don't mind the finished product being brownish instead if white. :)

    I have made ground almonds in a normal food processor, I just pulsed it until it was the texture I wanted.

    Almond butter, I haven't tried in the fp - the Internet seems to suggest that you can (and that it will take awhile, so be patient) but I think some people here have had trouble. I'd suggest using warmed (raw or toasted) almonds so they release the oil better, resting your processor if it seems to be getting hot, and adding a bit of melted coconut oil to help things along.

    Let us know how it goes!
  4. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Must say I like cashew butter better.. And I buy the rest - my OH refuses to buy me another blender/ food processor - blew up 2 a couple of Xmas ago trying to make Pavalova lol

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  5. toofatkat

    toofatkat Not such a fat kat now :)

    I make it all the time in my mini ken wood fp. It takes about 10 mins so persevere. You don't need to add anything to it. It goes through a couple of stages. Crumby. Then doughy. This a a good stage. At this point don't give up as any minute after that stage it releases its own natural oils and turns into a creamy butter

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