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Alot to lose, alot to gain


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I'm Nicki, i weigh 22 stone 7lbs (315lbs) i need to lose a lot of weight but i'm not sure what i want my target to be, i just want to be comfy and like myself. I have done slimming world, weight watchers, cambridge, slim fast, celebrity slim. Nothing has worked really, i just end up putting more on. I'm now at the stage where my asthma is a daily struggle, my joints hurt constantly, i generally do not like myself. My hubby and I, are/were ttc our first child but the dr thinks i have weight related infertility. They won't investigate further until i've shed a few stone, :sigh: I would love surgery but i live in the only area of the U.K where you have to have a BMI of 60 (about 45 everywhere else) so i don't have any chance of getting that and i really can't pay for it myself, so i don't really no what to do.
I'm back on weightwatchers to try and lose some and we'll see how that goes.
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Hi, I'm Nicki also, and also got a lot of weight to lose - for the same reasons as you except for ttc - i've got 2 monsters already!
It is a struggle, but with determination and help on here we can do it. good luck x:)
Hey Nicki,Im the same as you...tried every diet going and just end up quitting and piling the weight back on and more.
I am now on xenical and exercising lots and thats working for me so far,long may it continue lol

Good luck on your weight loss journey. Stick around and post lots as the support you get from people here is just amazing and that is what really motivates me to keep going :)

Claire x
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Hey.. I just came across your post and had to write ... I have been on weight watchers for three years and lost a he'll of a lot of weight .. I did exersice too but not a lot but the weight just fell off.. After years of being overweight and thinking no diet works this one really does..

Diets like Cambridge diet an lighter life are very effective for getting the weight of first but something like ww is something that u can do for the rest of your life as u can still eat what u want but just smaller portions.

Good luck on your journey it is hard but so worth it . Xx


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Thanks for your replies, nice to know i'm not the only one out there. I think my worst thing is i'm impatient, i want it all gone now. I no life isn't like that but if i'm losing 1lb a week, i tend to think screw it and give up. I'm going to ask to be put on xenical, is that the same as orlistat? i was on it before, a few years ago. But i didn't follow any diet, ate what i wanted and had terrible side effects. I think if i did it with weight watchers, if nothing else would keep me from cheating.

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