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  1. jelly bean 639

    jelly bean 639 Full Member

    Hi there,
    I have was losing weight nicely for 6 weeks but craving chocolate and someone told me that i can have 2 alpen bars as my healthy b so for the last 2 weeks i have done that but i have put on weight could it be the Alpen bars or am i doing something wrong?
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  3. ermintrude

    ermintrude Gold Member

    It's definitely not the Alpen Bars :confused: Could you post a food diary of what you've been eating then maybe we'd have something to go on?
  4. jelly bean 639

    jelly bean 639 Full Member

    I was hoping that is would be the Bars as that would be a simple to rectify.
    I usually have a big bowel of fruit and fat free yogurt or ff greek yogurt for breakfast, I have an alpen bar as a mid morning snack, then for lunch i have either eggs, bacon ect, backed spud and beans, or omelet. i have my 2nd bar as a mid afternoon snack and My evening meal is either pasta, stir fry with prawns or chicken, meat and 2 veg, chilli and rice or sw fried rice and chicken . I dont touch my syns. I have a glass of semi skimmed mild before i go to bed.

    Sorry i cant remember exactly what i had last week or the week before Only i do remember having 1/2 a portion of chips one of the days but i was told that that was fine so i don know what is going on

    I almost cried when she told me i had gained because i was sure i was going to lose a fair amoun

  5. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Which alpens are your having? Only the light ones are healthy extras, the ordinary ones need to be synned.

    I find when I have a lot of cereal bars it bungs me up (sorry tmi) which could account for an unexplained gain.
  6. ermintrude

    ermintrude Gold Member

    I think we need a bit more information.

    How long have you been doing SW and how much have you lost? How much do you usually lose per week and how much exactly did you put on this week? We all put on sometimes, I put 2.5lb on this week for no apparent reason. The odd pound here or there is nothing.

    Secondly what are you following? EE, Green or Red? If it's EE are you eating 1/3 Superfree with EVERY meal? If it's Red/Green are you counting the 'other' (ie meat on a Green day, carbs on a Red day) as HEXes or syns? And are you accounting for this with your Alpen? Its not very clear from your post what plan you're following.

    Thirdly, you MUST have some syns - a MINIMUM of 5 a day. They are an integral part of the plan, not an optional extra. If you dont eat your syns your body could go into starvation mode and then you WILL put on weight.

    If you are now having your Alpen as your HEXB what were you having before as your HEXB? Anything?

    I suggest you start keeping a food diary on here so you have a record of what you have/havent been eating that people can have a look at and give you some advice. I would guess that youre not eating enough syns-wise and possibly not enough superfree (although its hard to tell without a proper diary) - but I also wonder if you're worrying over nothing, its normal to put on occasionally and can be due to all sorts (not having gone to the loo, eating a heavy meal, different clothes/time of day etc)

    Im sure all will be fine. Have a go at posting a food diary on here. You should be doing that anyway tbh.
  7. jelly bean 639

    jelly bean 639 Full Member

    Sorry i didnt give much info did i,
    I started 8 weeks ago and i have lost 16lb altogether, my wiehgt lose has been different every week but up untill last week it has always been a lose here is my weight loss upto date
    wk1 -5.5
    wk2 -3
    wk3 -1
    wk4 -7.5
    wk5 -1.5
    wk6 +2
    wk7 +2

    Im doing the EE plan as i dont understand the other 2

    I was having ryvita and cheese triangles as my healthy extras before. Maybe i need to go back to that and syn the alpen light bars :rolleyes:

    I didnt think you had to have your syns, I have been scared to use them because i dont trust myself. Im an all or nothing kind of person :)

    Maybe your right, Maybe i do need to have more super free foods. i thought that the bowel of fruit in the morning would be enough for the day. I didnt know that you had to have 1/3 with EVERY meal. that gonna be tough... dont really like veg much

    I will have a go at posting my food diary at the end of each day

    thanks for your help. To be honest i dont think i have gotten my head round this diet yet it just doesn't make scene to me. i will keep on for the time being.
  8. ermintrude

    ermintrude Gold Member

    Ah OK that make more sense. Well you've lost a huge amount already that's almost 4lb a week which is a LOT, so congratulations! :)

    But I think you need to get your C to explain the plan to you again as it is ESSENTIAL on EE that you eat 1/3 Superfree with EVERY meal, that is THE key part of the plan! You dont have to use it as veg, it can be stuff you make your food in like a tin of tomatoes in a curry or whatever. But if you really aren't able to do the 1/3 SF thing you might be better off on Red or Green. Maybe give the 1/3 SF a go for a week or two andif its not working out ask your consultant to explain Green/red to you?

    And yes it is important to have some syns every day, although to be honest as you've not been filling up on Superfree you have basically been having a LOT more Free food than you should anyway! So that would definitely make up for any 'missing' syns anyway really, so I wouldn't worry about it now. Syns dont have to be things like chocolate, crisps etc - Im like you, if I start eating that sort of thing its all-or-nothing, I cant stop at one bag of crisps, one biscuit, one slice of cake etc so I dont have any. But you can easily spend your syns on things that go into your food like oil, tomato puree, sauces, margarine, yoghurts, butter, flour, sugar etc. as well as extra of things that would be HEXes such as milk, cheese, Ryvita or whatever.

    It is odd that two gains coincided with the Alpen light thing but tbh I dont think its fair to guess as youve not been following the plan properly (no offence, your C should have explained it properly to you). Im sure once you get the hang of it youll be totally fine, and well done on your huge loss already! :)

    Do keep a diary going on here though until you get the hang of it, then people can help if anything seems wrong and you can also look back if you had a particularly good or bad week to see what you did. There's a diary forum here where loads of people do that. Mine is here.

    Good luck, Im sure you'll be fine x :)
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  9. jelly bean 639

    jelly bean 639 Full Member

    You food looks yummy
  10. Derbynanny

    Derbynanny Gold Member

    ALso just to confirm they are the alpen lights as there is a big difference between alpen bars and alpen lights, also these would only replace your heb not your hea .

    Have a re read of your books and a chat to your consultant because all the info about 1/3 superfree is in your book (on the page just after the list of superfree fruits)
  11. jelly bean 639

    jelly bean 639 Full Member

    yeah they are lights :)

    I have read the book but in my SW club i got the impression that as long as the days food intake was 1/3 superfree it was fine and the food diary gave me the same impression.
    Obviously i was wrong :wave_cry:
  12. ermintrude

    ermintrude Gold Member

    The point in the Superfree is to limit the portion size of other food on your plate (meat, potatoes, pasta etc), as whilst they are Free they *do* contain a lot more calories than Superfree stuff, and at the end of the day weight loss does fundamentally come down to using up more calories than you take in.

    On Extra Easy as you're freely eating meat AND carbs it's so much easier to eat a lot more calorie-wise than you would on Green or Red (when you are already limiting *either* the amount of meat or carbs that you eat by using them ONLY as HEXes/syns).

    This is why on EE you only get ONE of each HEX rather than two and you have to limit your portion size in a different way - ie by filling your plate with stuff that has very few calories in (fruit & veg) relative to Free food (meat & carbs).

    So it is really important that you do eat some superfree whenever you can to reduce the amount of more calorific stuff you eat. Its fine to miss the old meal here and there, but at the end of the day we do need to limit the amount of calorific food that goes in so this is how we're supposed to do that on Extra Easy.

    Like I say, if you dont get on with it after a couple of weeks maybe you could try Red or Green? The superfree rule is less strict on those as youre already limiting either meat or carbs (as only one or the other is free) - but its still important to fill up on plenty of fruit & veg whenever you can, (not least because you need the nutrients in it for a healthy diet).
  13. jelly bean 639

    jelly bean 639 Full Member

    I think I'm gonna try to do red and green days. Can you mix them up, I mean red one day and green another it do you have to choose to stick with one if them for a while?
  14. Derbynanny

    Derbynanny Gold Member

  15. Rattybabe

    Rattybabe Full Member

    There was a thread on here a few weeks back, where the 1/3 superfree rule was discussed. Slimming world themselves said it wasn't a die-hard rule, but what you should aim for. I eat a lot of things like risotto, currys etc, and don't always have 1/3 superfree, and I'm still losing weight. But I do eat a lot of superfree foods during the day, and for lunch, so it balances out.

    I don't eat huge portions of anything anyway, and I can't see the point of adding a salad to a meal for the sake of it.
  16. kellylouisemc

    kellylouisemc Full Member

    I've thrown in some red and green days to help me with my loss each week. I did the new red and green plan out of the new xmas mag last week and lost 4lb!! If you are unsure of red and green ask your C but also look at the mag, the weekly menu is pretty good for a first timer!

    You are doing great a gain here and there is nothing to worry about! Have you thought about replacing the Alpen lights with the Hi-Fi bars we sell at groups? You can have 1 as a HExB choice or the new Hi-Fi Lights are 2 for a HExB!!

    Kelly xx :)
  17. jelly bean 639

    jelly bean 639 Full Member

    I was thinking about going out this afternoon to get the latest mag They had ran out at group. i was also thinking about getting a couple of recipe books from C one green and one red. to give me some ideas. I have re read the plan again this week and i think i might be getting a hang of it (im so slow on the up take lol)

    I have given up on alpen bars for the time being.. they are so expensive with everything else i have to buy. i have brown bread as my hexb with home made soup. i think i just need a choc fix and war frightend to use my syns but i have started to get small kit kats and have that most days.
    I find the hi fi bars too sweet and too expensive for what they are.

    Thanks for you encouragement, its appreciated.:) your doing really well yourself. keep it up (or should i say down:8855:)
  18. weenic1984

    weenic1984 Member

    ive been buying the small packets of microwave veg from sainsburys and for lunch when im at work Just pop the veg in the microwave for about 4 mins and ive been having a tomato mug shot with the veg stirred in and a couple of slices of ham. Fills me up and your getting 3 veg in with that.

    Just depends if you have a microwave at work

    I love the alpen light choc fudge bars. find they really satisfy my sweet craving. The coconut sprinkled with choc muller lights are really good too for a sweet tooth

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