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Alpen Lights Vs Hi-Fi Lights (new bar)

Which do you like better

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Well i have to say slimming world have come up trumps on their new Hi-fi lights bars..... The chocolate one is really yummy and you can have 2 instead of the 1 bar hi-fi range.
I havent tried the cranberry one yet, and i dont think i will either people have said it is very sweet.
The chocolate one has a hint of coconut taste to it too.

So what do you like better? Alpen Light or SW Hifi Lights??

Let me know x
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actually, it really depends on what I fancy.... I do like the cranberry & yoghurt... but they are just so tiny - having said that, I think alpen lights have shrunk too!!

My absolute favourite is hi-fi mince pie... ohhh, so Christmassy, I hoping they do them this year, as I started in January and just got a taste for them when they ran out :-(
I used to always get the Alpen Light bars, but last week at groups I tried a pack each of the new HiFi Light's.

The Cranberry & Yogurt are too sweet, even for me. However, I love the Caramel and Chocolate flavour! I think I'll be ditching Alpen Light's from now on!

wow...mince pie ones sound ab fab!!


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I've actually never tried any Alpen bar :-O
I really like the new hi fi bars - but I'm probably going to stick with the chocolate delux ones. I've never tried the alpen bars. My problem is my oh so wonderful boyfriend in so many other ways loves the cranberry ones and keeps sneaking them!!!
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I cannot get these as they are only available for group members, quite disappointed! I ended up finding someone on eBay selling them. I probably paid over the odds in the end but the mint one I have tried so far is yummy :) Still waiting on my light bars to arrive.
I haven't tried the new HiFi light bars either - but used to love the mint and lemon bars when I used to go to group. Love the dark chocolate Fibre Plus - they are really yummy! The Aldi ones aren't too bad - I get the Choc Orange and Summer Fruit varieties and again, you get two as a HexB :)
I bought just the hi fi bars not the light ones as I find it hard to eat " in one day, and the double choccie one is scrummy!!!!!

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