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alternate day diet?

Hi there
came across this in the news
has anyone tried it?
Feast or famine: The diet that won't just help you lose weight, you'll live longer and be brainier! | Mail Online

don't know what i think - guess i'm looking for ways to maintain...

was thinking you could have the LL food packs on the down days - and then healthy eating on the other days (not going mad)

might give it a go and see what happens....

.....or i might not!

just thinking generally of anything which helps me stay on track!

daisy x
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Hi Daisy,

I got as far as the third paragraph, and if it had been an actaul newpaper it would have gone into the bin from that point. SOrry hon.

When I saw the link was from the Daily Mail., I was instantly skeptical. Funny how they slam LL yet promote a diet like that??

I believe any diet that has the phrase, "eat as much as you like" in it, is cause for concern. It is rather counter productive to all we learned on LL....and like many other diets, is only a bandaid - if it even works? but it is not really a way to spend the rest of your life, maintaining. Ya know?

Just my opinion of course, but I think it is better to carry on maintaining NOT by being on another diet. Ya know?

It is difficult. I understand. I have had a rough time of it lately too and have been all over the scales. But I am working through whats going on my head - realising I have an awful lof of stressful things happening in my life at the moment - some 6000 miles away, lol, but it is having an effect onthe scales. It is tough at times to be 'perfec't, but I think you are doing great. Its these final demons we need to recognise and deal with and learn with each blip how to recognise their approach, and then how to celebrate their demise!

Its entirely a personal choice of course, and I would wish anyone louck who undertook anytype of diet plan, but I just think for maitnenance, good old fashioned hard work is going to be the most effective, longest lasting result.

Good luck hon. You really are doing OK. We'll master this!! :)



Playing the Angel
Hey Daisy

I read this last night and wanted to reply but my brain was entirely frazzled by that point!!

In theory it is quite interestng, however long term I doubt it would work - sorry this is just personal opinion here. It is basically advising balancing which as we have learnt, naturally thin people do without much thought (ie eat a bit more on a day so cut back a bit on the next etc) which for me is what we are all trying to learn to do in RTM and beyond. I know you recently went back on the packs for a bit and found it quite hard the second time. On this diet there is nothing to stop you putting off the "famine" day for another day or having a blip on a "famine" day and then writing the whole day off, thus ending up with a load of "feast" days.

I also agree with BL when she says any diet that says "eat as much as you like" is pretty much a crock of *****!!! The reality is that it just does not work that way. Sorry, don't want to sound negative here and if you try it an it works, I will be really interested to hear about it, but the long term solution is just getting through each day and learning to make more adult choices where food is concerned. Not easy, but one day ( well I very much hope) it will all just be automatic and we won't have to think about it. It will be natural to us to balance out our eating habits.

How is the pilates and other excercise going and have you got great things planned for the weekend?? I am off to work again shortly so won't be in till late tonight.

Have fun whatever you do.

hi there
found out there is actually a forum here on minimins with people who do this diet - JUDDD

I agree BL the idea of eating what you want completely freely on everyother day does seem a nonsense - especially as someone was having a macdonalds, chocolate etc etc which obviously is rubbish

the 'pulling back' naturally is something i want to be able to do. but don't seem to be able to. I def don't want to be able to 'eat as much crap as i can' - i enjoy healthy eating and feeling good, i just hate 'dieting' all the time to maintain, and am exploring doing something similar.

my 'thin' friends do do this naturally. i notice they eat out, then the next day just aren't hungry and don't eat til they are - whereas i eat out - then think oh well ive blown it so carry on overeating for days afterwards. or i think - its lunchtime so i must eat - i don't listen to my body.

i have come to terms with the fact i'm always going to have to be aware of what I eat - i'm just looking for a way to deal with it.

cutting back for a day at a time - its easy to do for a day - then eating 'normally' healthy eating the next day could be a way possibly and doing this might train me to eventually do this without thinking

over the course of a week doing 'normal' 1500 cals a day i would consume approx 10,500 (tho it is often much more over the week as I have 'bad' days when i feel deprived - i know did i learn nothing on LL?!!)

doing this up day down day i would have approx 3 days of 500 and 4 days of 1500 so 7,500 over the week - so 3000 less than normal so 1lb down a week (after 2 weeks of 500 cals on down days you have more according to what you want to do ie lose, maintain)

just looking at it - will read more on the other forum to see how it really works before i try it out!

i'm not saying i'm going to do it, just thinking things through.

for now i'll keep on trying the way i am!

jez - yes off to pilates tomorrow - i swear i've grown a couple of inches taller since starting it, lol!

Ive been to sheffield with the girls this weekend - 2 days of shopping, hotel overnight. only had 2 glasses of wine last night - but did have pizza express meal. At breakfast I was good tho - yog and fruit - no fry up.

Im absolutely shattered now tho but have done almost all my xmas shopping!

daisy x

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