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Alternative to Mayonnaise?


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Fat free fromage frias or 0% Greek yogurt. Both free and yummy xx


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Cool thank you! Am out of cottage cheese but have some fat free fromage frais lurking in the fridge! Will give it a go x

Mrs V

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Hellmans extra light mayo is only 0.5 syns for a lvl tbsp, I dont think thats a lot of syns Hun.


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I like a mixture of Hellmanns extra light mayo (0.5 syns per tablespoon) AND v.f.f fromage frais.XXX


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have you tried extra light salad cream? I've always been a mayo fiend myself but tried some at EL salad cream at work last week and its really nice! I dont know how many syns it is though, but i imagine extra light would be similar to extra light mayo! x


Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
The Heinz extra light salad cream is 1 syn per tablespoon and delish!! I went for lunch in Harvester last week and took my own!!X
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i love love love my mayo!!!! but i have managed to get used to the light version (the extra light i find disgusting!!) but if its for egg mayo/tuna mayo i tend to either mix some of the extra light i bought with light (to use it up). or i just mix light mayo with fat free fromage frais and i wouldnt even know the differentce!! and it saves a whopper of syns!!! xx

Wee Doll

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there is a mayo substitute called mayola that you can get in tesco its not to bad but im not sure the syn value of it

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